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Baroness Warsi: ‘do churches need legal support’ in case of equal marriage ‘challenges’?

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Reader comments

  1. No, they don’t.

    There, that was painless and simple.

    1. Simple enough for Warsi? I think her awareness of complex concepts is limited to accounting.

      1. Did anyone expect any better from this woman? The tories aren’t sure where to put her in order to minimise the harm she does.

  2. Warsi, arch homophobe and trouble-maker, booted from her role as Co-Chairman, and a Minister without Portfolio (read: we don’t know what you do). Now apparently Minister in charge of Faith !!! WTF, where is the Minister in charge of Secularism and Atheism ? Don’t we count?

    Warsi isn’t liked in the party, isn’t liked in the Lords, isn’t liked in cabinet, she’s an extremist and repugnant views, a constant source of trouble whenever she has the audacity to speak. Contrast her with Harmon or one of Labour’s other bright women, and there’s no contest.

    I don’t like her, in case that wasn’t apparent ! :D

    1. She’s in training to be the Islamic Ann Widdecombe.

  3. I wondered how long it would be before SHE stuck her nose in!

    Concentrate on your expenses dear!

  4. She’s probably like Sayeed’s mother come to think of it!

  5. They don’t shut up, do they? Whinge, whinge, whinge. Even when they’ve been reassured, they still can’t stop themselves framing hypothetical what-ifs to try to make out that equal marriage will be bad.

    I’m particularly incensed about the constant mention of schools and teachers too. If a teacher can’t remain neutral, then they shouldn’t be a teacher. Moreover, it’s perfectly possible to inform a class of children about the existence of same sex marriage in the context of your religion if you’re a faith school.

    I think Warsi should re-examine her conscious and stop this homophobic and petty scaremongering.

    1. Oops! Might have been a Freudian slip there :D I obviously meant “re-examine her CONSCIENCE”!


    “Labour has scrapped section 28 which was introduced by the Conservatives to stop schools promoting alternative sexual lifestyles such as homosexuality to children as young as seven years old… now schools are allowed and do promote homosexuality and other alternative sexual lifestyles to your children.

    “Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16 allowing school children to be propositioned for homosexual relationships.”

    “I will campaign strongly for an end to sex education at seven years and the promotion of homosexuality that undermines family life.”

    Mrs Warsi, …. stood by her leaflet last night: “It’s a statement I make as I believe it. It is factually correct. Everything in this leaflet is fact.”

    .. leaflet containing the remarks about homosexuals had gone out only in Muslim parts of the constituency, while white areas got a section about immigration.

  7. Robert (Kettering) 13 Dec 2012, 12:41pm

    I find this woman nauseating and to be honest thick as two short planks. She’s never been elected to the Commons or Lords. She’s frankly unelectable. So who the Hell does she think she is poking her nose into OUR rights? Detest this “token” Tory!

  8. So what’s to be taught about marriage?

    Any two people in love and wishing to commit to each other may get married, conferring on themselves a set of rights and responsiblilities. Some churches ban same sex couples from marrying on their premises, some don’t. That’s it. Simple!

  9. That There Other David 13 Dec 2012, 12:48pm

    Personally I’d rather we cut back on the amount of taxpayers money that goes to religious institutions. The “faithful” should fund their own organisations, not rely on state handouts.

    And that goes for the ridiculous faith schools too. Schools should educate, not indoctrinate. If the religious want their children to be taught the same fairy tales they subscribe to as fact they should fund it themselves.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Dec 2012, 12:55pm

    They just don’t stop do they? They try to find something petty and turn it into a talking point to enable more opposition. I predicted that once legal protections were in place in the equal marriage bill, they’d still not be satisfied.

    This stupid ignorant woman is irrelevant and so are her equally stupid comments.

    I have no problem with faith based schools teaching what they want although as a taxpayer, I find a conflict in it. However, state schools should teach about equal marriage. If that’s a problem for any teacher whose religious beliefs are in conflict then perhaps they should get a job in a church school. Last time I checked, state schools aren’t church schools. Yet again, more bloody right wing red herrings.

  11. Are we surprised by Warsi’s comments? She is a supporter of the fascist ideology that is islam which hates Gays, women and equality, but she is too dim to realise it. Equal marriage is going to happen despite the pernicious activities of religious bigot.

    1. So you can’t see any further than the next 5 years? Warsi’s “constituency” will be the majority in a few major cities within a couple of decades. That’s also going to happen despite the moaning of a rapidly ageing & shrinking population of gay men and women. Brighton will be one giant care home for LGBT baby boomers soon.

      1. Not really. Gays are born all the time, both beyond and within the Muslim community. Equal marriage will weaken all religions, including Islam, which will either have to put up or shut up. Do you honestly think that there will be many religious people of any stripe in 20 to 30 years’ time? This woman is already a ridiculous relic.

        1. On a tangent, I really would love to agree with you that there are declining numbers of religious people. Sadly, while that may be true in some parts of society, evangelism of one sort or another seems to go from strength to strength, not only in the developing world but even here.

          1. Wasn’t it announced yesterday, in the Census results that 40% of people within the UK now class themselves as non-religious, up from something like 25% from the census of 2001? At this rate, within 20-30 years, those who do count themselves as religious will be outnumbered.

          2. I agree those who remain religious have moved to a more extremist/fundamentalist position and have a voice louder than their numbers would suggest.

          3. Amen. It is the western liberal establishment that have a voice louder than their numbers would suggest.

            All change in roughly 20 years time.

  12. So Ms Marsi, be grateful your family chose Britain and not America to live in, where interracial marriages amongst any group were illegal until 1964. And even after that there were areas in the South that encouraged bureaucratic segregation in schools. An example is Bob Jones University, a Christian college that forbid its students to date interracially. It wasn’t until 2000 that they abandoned this policy.
    Today, approximately 2% of all British marriages are interracial.

  13. Homophobic scaremongering !

    (There, I feel better now! :-) )

    1. That should have read ‘Homophobic scaremongering (insert your choice of word here)’

      Thanks, PN for the redaction!

  14. Mumbo Jumbo 13 Dec 2012, 1:52pm

    This is the same Warsi who a) put out an outrageous homophobic “won’t someone think of the children” election leaflet (but only to muslim areas of the constituency) and b) subsequently went on the infamous Nick Griffin edition of Question Time and tried to make herself look good by trying to lambast him on his homophobic views whilst shamelessly denying her own.

    1. GulliverUK 13 Dec 2012, 5:13pm

      Hello Mumbo Jumbo, hope you are well.

      Even Michael Howard didn’t agree with her. That shows just how vile she is :)

  15. I was never taught about marriage at school, and I went to a faith school too. So what the feck is she on about? Kids learn about life and relationships from the people around them, not from a the teacher in PSE class.

  16. What’s the deal with teacher being excused to teach what goes against their religious beliefs? Does that apply to creationism vs evolution too?

  17. They had not shortage of resources when it came to funding their C4M campaign.

    The woman is stuck on transmit. She’s being disingenuous in her questioning as she very well knows what Maria Miller said in the commons about legal protections for the Religious.

  18. She is one of the reasons why, despite what Cameron and others are doing now, I will never vote Tory.
    The comments she made in that leaflet arebdispicable.
    Isn’t she a thief? Did she get away with that?

  19. Is she still around? Talk about Bad Penny.

  20. I can’t stand this woman, she’s always come across as a sanctimonious and self-important to me. It seems Nick Griffin wasn’t the only bigot on the panel of Question Rime in 2009.

    1. At least Mr Griffin is British which is more than can be said for Ms Warsi who is just an Muslim interloper. If muslims can’t stand the idea of gay rights then they know what they can do.

      1. I consider that rather racist: Warsi was born in Dewsbury. The only basis you have for claiming that she’s an ‘interloper’ appears to be that she’s brown and not a Christian. Do you think the Rothschilds are ‘interlopers’ because they’re not officially Christians too, or do you reserve the term ‘interloper’ for non-white people?

  21. May I also voice concern about such a hideous person speaking in public?

  22. I think we need legal protection from the unelected adversely influencing the lives of others Baroness.

  23. The same hand that guaranteed her the rights and opportunities as a woman. A Muslim, and a person of an ethnic minority, is the same hand she’s now biting, another minority section of society needs protecting and granting equality to with the same hand.
    If it’s one thing I detest, it’s hypocrisy

  24. Go back to stealing from the taxpayer , you rancid old nobody !!

  25. be honest I dislike this woman because of her simple puritanical and unnatural approach to life. There is no such thing as any damaging effects/repercussions for the Church. They are cowards and should be treated with total flippancy because of there denial of true human emotions and feelings through the ages of mankind. Apart from this they are petrified of change. Considering their practices and how long they have carried them out for it’s no surprise their against homosexuality.

  26. No they don’t.

  27. “What consideration has been given to the teaching of equal marriage in schools, both faith schools and non-faith schools?”

    I’ll tell you what consideration: NONE!! Schools will teach a curriculum. The curriculum will reflect facts. The facts will be that marriages are a coming together of two people who love each other and who, in marrying, commit themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. Mostly it’s between a man and a woman, but sometimes it’s between two women, or two men. That’s it, job done. What’s the big deal?

  28. Didn’t Warsi also vote against CP laws in 2005?

    The woman is a bigot,

  29. interesting that a muslim womens comments on this issue results in a much larger set of critical comments than we see when a white male tory makes similar criticisms

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