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April Ashley receives MBE for services to trans rights

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Reader comments

  1. I thought Michael Dillon was the first (he had it 1946-9), followed by Roberta Cowell in the early 50’s? I could be wrong though.

  2. Christine Burns MBE 13 Dec 2012, 2:13pm

    Charles, you are quite correct. Unfortunately it is lazy journalism. I see it a lot.

    1. Nixi Otemba Bongers 13 Dec 2012, 5:37pm

      also the line about ‘undergoing” surgery, most times its a liberation

  3. Well, at least the Establishment (however you might choose to define it) isn’t excluding the T in LGBT any more. Better late than never.

  4. Good on you April. Ava would have been so pleased with you.

  5. Could not happen to a nicer lady.. :-)


  6. Jen Marcus 13 Dec 2012, 3:49pm

    It’s nice to see a “T” pioneer and icon be feted and honored!

  7. NO one could marry? Not even trans women attracted to women? Or similarly for trans men?

  8. David Thomas 13 Dec 2012, 5:16pm

    This news just made my day. I am overjoyed that this woman is being given such an honour. Absolutely brilliant.

    1. Croydon Guy 13 Dec 2012, 11:30pm

      I’m surprised that the article doesn’t mention that it was because of the judgement in the Corbet v Corbet divorce case that marriages today are null if both partners are the same gender (on their birth certificates).
      This might have been a mere oversight if were not for the headlines in recent days on the proposal to right this wrong **by re-storing same-sex marriage**. It’s worth stating that the so-called “traditional” requirement that the couple be of opposite genders is less than fifty years old, and a large part of the justification for a SS marriage bill is to allow many other April Ashleys to be able to transition without annulling their marriages.

  9. “Born in Liverpool in 1935, she underwent gender confirmation surgery in Morocco in 1960”

    typo error, should read :
    “Born in Liverpool in 1935, he underwent genital mutilation in Morocco in 1960.”

    If you are born male you remain male.Sadly the Emperor’s New Clothes attitude of going along with the fantasy of someones disorder, is deeply damaging to the individual involved.Would you lie to an anorexic (eating disorder) and say ‘Oh yes, you really are obese !’ ?

    1. I’m glad to hear that you were born in the right body and you identified with the gender you were given.
      Unfortunately that’s not the case for some individuals. You sound as if you haven’t met any one who
      is transgender, perhaps you should open your closet door a tad and have a peek into the real world.
      No sure how you can compare being anorexic to being transgender?

      1. *not sure*

    2. Whatever, Ray. Enjoy the sense of security your tiny uncompassionate mind brings you. It’s a big world out there. We are not all the same. People who cling desperately to ‘normal’ sexual stereotypes are often “struggling” with same-sex attraction. This sounds like you, no? Have a think and let us know..

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