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UK Independence Party aims to exploit Tory equal marriage divide

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Reader comments

  1. If we get equal marriage well before June 2014 will anybody ever remember there was a debate on the issue by the time the election is held?

    To me it sounds more like Cameron and Clegg have got until June 2014 to get the economy looking better if they aren’t to lose seats to UKIP and labour.

  2. Ukip the vultures of British politics proud to support second class citizens status of lgbt

    1. They seem to habitually confuse the EU with the ECHR. Two different organisations. Either they are stupid or very devious.

      1. If you said Council Of Europe to most UKIP supporters they say … “who?” :D

      2. No, they are BOTH !

  3. GingerlyColors 12 Dec 2012, 7:17am

    Personally, I think that the Conservatives’ continued dithering over Europe is driving voters into the arms of UKIP. David Cameron suggests that leaving the EU would see the UK being reduced to the status of Norway. I would love to see us being ‘reduced’ to Norway’s level. They have the highest standard of living in Europe, a strong national identity and marriage equality to boot!
    While I disagree with UKIP wanting second class citizen status for LGBT people, I am fed up of the UK being treated as a second class country in the EU while expecting us to be their cash cow when it comes to bailing out the Eurozone. The easiest way to wipe out the UKIP vote is for the government to hold a referendum on Europe and let the people decide on whether or not to join the likes of Norway in the club of free and independent nations.

    1. They also have huge amounts of oil revenue that supports their lifestyle and they have Anders Breivik who does not. Britain outside the EU will sink – and with it will go all our hard won equalities and rights down the drain of a British Bill of Rights.

      1. Yes, it will sink, under the weight of unfettered immigration.

        When a gay man starts to find UKip an attractive proposition regardless of their stance on gay marriage – which, as a gay man who is not for equal full marriage rights anyway I can live with – you know the main parties have lost it and are effectively one voice hijacked by Marxist liberals determined to destroy the family and the British way of life in order to weaken our voice and make us more easily assimilated into the EU.

        Just as well the masses are beginning to awaken from their deep slumber and starting to see what is happening clearly.

      2. Mister Fister 12 Dec 2012, 8:36pm

        What has Anders Breivik got to do with this?

    2. I think the “reduced” part refers mainly to the political status (Norway has to take in almost as much legislation as a member to have a political say, but has no voting rights like the UK does). The UK is not “second class”, it is just more isolated given its economic policies.

      Regardless, EU status is overrated in terms of impact on economy or society. There are very rich European countries in the EU (Netherlands, Sweden, Austria) as well as outside (Norway, Switzerland). On marriage equality, there are 2 that have it and which are outside the EU, and 8 which are insider. Does the EU determine all these differences? Not as much as domestic policies…

    3. As CH said, Norway has oil. Iceland, and its population, on the other hand was rabidly anti-EU until 2008. In less than 12 months, the population and Gov’t were clamouring, indeed begging to be “fast-tracked” into the EU.
      Be careful what you wish for…..

      1. As always half the truth.

        Iceland refused the EU bailouts and dug themselves out of their own financial quagmire in just three short years, proving that the EU is lying when it says bankrupt nations can’t get back on to their own two feet of their own volition.

        Today the Icelandic economy is thriving no thanks to Merkel and her spent force of used car salesmen.

        God only help Iceland if ever it does take the fateful step into EU membership…

        1. Half the truth may be better than an untruth. Iceland didn’t refuse EU bailouts, they were never on offer. Instead it was bailed out by the other Nordic countries. It is now clawing its way back to stability, but claim its economy is thriving is ludicrous.

          1. GingerlyColors 14 Dec 2012, 7:03am

            Birds of a feather flock together and it is only natural that Nordic countries (whether or not they are in the EU) would help each other whether it comes to financial assistance or bloc voting in the Eurovision Song Contest (which next year will be held in Malmo in Sweden).

  4. You shouldn’t have a legal right because they don’t like it down the pub.
    You shouldn’t have it because somebody is too old to accept it.
    You should have a right to a civil ceremony but not, um, ahh, a civil marriage.
    This level of debate shows they’ve really got right on their side.
    Gore Vidal once said that Americans usually preferred a moral issue to a real issue. Do some Brits prefer hysteria to any issue at all?

  5. Paul in Brighton 12 Dec 2012, 9:14am

    Clearly Ukip are struggling if they’re going to make this an issue in the 2014 EP elections.

    What Farrage forgets to metion in his outbursts and rants is that he personally has taken in excess of £2m in allowances in addition to his £64,000 a year salary from the European Parliament.

    Here’s a man whose against the UK being in a European Parliament, so what does he do – becomes a Member of the same Parliament and creams off in excess of £2m.

    He’s won the lottery twice over for doing pretty much nothing apart from going against his ‘principles’.

    An ex-Tory, a man without as much imagination as he has brains.

    The Tory old-guard are welcome to vote for him and his stuffed up party.

    They might as well vote for Santa Claus.

    1. Ah yes! But he will tell you he stood for election to ‘change things from within’. Same stuff gay people who support a church will say. Cobblers. If he was sincere in his beliefs, he’d boycott the organisation and refuse to take its money. The hypocricy of this man is staggering.

  6. GulliverUK 12 Dec 2012, 9:31am

    Oh no, surely not. UKIP had assured us they were not homophobic, but when you have complete knobs like Winston McKenzie in the party, it’s got to be true.

    Desperate UKIP can’t win votes any other way than being misogynistic, homophobic, right-wing religious nutters and xenophobic.

    Mid-term polling generally means nothing at all. Conservative local associations are loosing members — big deal (yawn), ….. as all parties do a year or so after election fever. Just before election time, most of them come back and new members join. Governments polling is always poor mid-term, and never is an indicator that they won’t resurge near the election.

    I suggest UKIP ride the wave, because soon it will dissipate on the shoreline and they will be washed up like the driftwood.

    1. Most of their lost members just died in the last cold snap. Here wishing for a white christmas.

      1. Oh …. twitless ! :-p

        I’m sure they’d wish the same to us.

        1. Just feeling seasonal that’s all.

          Seriously though I do think they have an ageing membership problem. I think Cameron realises this. This may be why he has decided to go for a younger vote with the gay marriage issue.

          I think he may think UKIP are welcome to those who leave.

      2. Hahaha. Daily Frail readers, every one.

        UKIP if you want to …. I’ll stay awake.

        Not sure I’d name my party after the tendency of its aged membership to doze off …

      3. Mister Fister 12 Dec 2012, 8:41pm

        ‘wishing for a WHITE christmas’. Is that part of UKIP’s campaign to attract more voters?

  7. Ukip’s concerns were over protecting religions. Religions very strongly protected by Government proposals. Ukip’s response? “No one wants this!”

    Ukip has no principles, it wishes only to take advantage of Tory woes. It will hurt LGBT people to do so. Sane Ukip supporters should resign.

  8. I hoping that most people will have more sense that to give this party of green welly racists a seat in parliament.

  9. This could be brilliant news. UKIP splits Tory vote, making them unable to form the next Govt.

    1. If the tories can get rid of their own nutters they may have a chance of being main stream again.

    2. I am a different Neil, and agree with my namesake. So, unless I have a split personality, or have forgotten I posted the above, I need to change my username – anyone know how I do this, please?

    3. That’s exactly what happened last time.

      If you look at the results and transfer the UKIP votes to the Tories, they would have had about 20 more seats and gained an absolute majority.

      It may be an assumption that all UKIP votes are from ex-Tories, but it’s probably not far from the truth.

  10. Way to go Tory’s.

    I’ve been looking forward to equal marriage for months now, and you have managed to completely poison the whole thing.

    What was meant to be a happy occasion is now coated in sh!t.

    Stick it up yer @rse.

    1. Mister Fister 12 Dec 2012, 8:48pm

      Happy occasions frequently end up ‘coated in sh!t’ unless one douches first. Attend to your personal hygiene first before you ‘Stick it up yer @rse’.

  11. Jock S. Trap 12 Dec 2012, 12:13pm

    Er – takin a count of ‘reality’ from his village pub? Seriously?

    The man’s pathetic. These people only wanna hear themselves no-one else.

    Such a shame such vile people fight for discrimination… and so openly too!! If this was a race issue they wouldn’t get away with it.

    So why is the LGBT community such a easy target for their bigoted abuse?


  12. Farage isn’t the first right-wing leader of a political party to whip up hatred against foreigners and minorities to gain power during an economic depression….For someone so anti-European, however, it seems paradoxical that he should choose to model himself so precisely on a certain very prominent 20th century Austrian…..

  13. Can you invite that moron Nicholas Dancer back to defend their decisiion in some way?

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Dec 2012, 1:49pm

    Even if there were a mandate for equal marriage, Stewart Jackson and other of his ilk would still vote against it. So his statement is rather stupid, but then bigots usually are.

  15. Angry people are reliable voters.

    UKip knows that. Hate Votes.

  16. Peter Boner – sorry bone said “How dare the Secretary of State suggest that she has any right, any mandate, to bring in this legislation… you need a mandate for this. This whole exercise would have gone down well with Joseph Stalin.”
    So the Gov’t have no mandate to legalise gay marriage? They have no mandate to occupy number 10! Bone doesn’t whine about that!

    1. Don Harrison 21 Dec 2012, 10:40pm

      Peter bonehead Bone will burn himself out the way he is going.
      The sooner the beter, I say

  17. “UK Independence Party aims to exploit Tory equal marriage divide”

    UKIP wants to encourage division, and sink their own boat because they voted no to AV.

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