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Study: Male gay fish behaviour found to turn on female fish

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Reader comments

  1. Do they actually fund ‘research’ like this?

  2. “Molly”! Love it!

    1. Wasn’t that the word for gay about 200 years ago? They met in Molly houses.

      1. Yes I believe it was the word for gay . But the co – incidence doesn’t stop there ! Most Eighteenth century bods would have thought that homosexual behaviour was in some sense a ploy used by otherwise “normally” sexed males because they were in some way “over – sexed” . . . .which appears to be more or less what the female tropical fish in this experiment are thinking ! All of which makes me think that human soceity ( – unlike our fishy friend – ) has evoled !

  3. Aryu Gaetu 12 Dec 2012, 7:28pm

    The fish are Gay. They mate with females just for the babies and the resulting tax breaks. Once the babies are born, the males return to the bars.

    After 2 million years of evolution, some things never change.

    1. OK so fish are gay . . . . What about the octupae !

  4. Soooo – overt male gay behaviour arouses the female fish.
    Are they claiming that fish form boybands?

    1. Take Sprat!

  5. Wondering where the lions are 12 Dec 2012, 9:47pm

    Well, in the higher mammals, it’s been a constant (if not double standard) that female+female activity turns on the str8 males… witness any str8-market porn.

    One wonders WHY any str8 would be bothered in ANY way by a gay – doesn’t that leave more of them for each other???

  6. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Dec 2012, 1:15am


    Much the same way as lesbians turn-on straight males!?

    Tell us something we do not know!

  7. Yaoi fangirl fish. Precious.

    1. You, sir, deserves all the thumbs up in the world.

    2. This was my exact first thought.

  8. Aussie Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Dec 2012, 1:18am

    And the Conservative male fish always gets caught having sex in public toilets with other male fishes too!

  9. So it seems gay fish have fag hags too

  10. Fragile industries 13 Dec 2012, 4:57am

    There is such a thing as a hag fish. This just expands the species.

  11. The females do prefer to mate with males they’ve watched having sex with other males, it turns them on, the only problem is the evangelical Atlantic Molly’s keep telling the males who do this that they are sinners and will go to hell if they don’t repent, you can’t please everyone.

  12. Vague and unsubstantiated speculations from a single case.

  13. in other words fish can be bisexual and same-sex attractions do not make them sterile. Someone needs to show the bishops this! Mind you its science they fear it and would run away screaming much preferring the voices in their head.

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