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Scotland: Charity regulator called in to settle gay clergy row

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Reader comments

  1. So is this a case of a power grab at the assets by those who didn’t win thee argument ?

  2. Remember the part the OSCR played in allowing St. Margaret’s catholic adoption agency in Glasgow to get around complying with the Goods & Services legislation – a situation which still stands today.

  3. Whatever…………………..

    Always comes down to money in the end.

    1. Correct! Organised religion is exactly that. LONG gone are the core values of their ‘belief’. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be having any discussion about gay inclusivity. Wasn’t Jesus’ central message about ‘love’ … for ALL? This endless bickering about who does what to whom in the bedroom is SO childish and boring. Separate church and state and we can all just get on with our lives without this constant and debilitating homophobia in our society. After all, it’s only religion which prevents societies from moving forward to a kinder, more loving world. How sad. Isn’t that precisely what Jesus was fighting? The power, control and money-grabbing ways of the relgious heirarchy in his time? Nothing’s changed ….

  4. If anti-gay bigots decide to leave the Church, they can hardly expect to be able to take the building and its contents with them!

    1. You might view them as shareholders who are cashing in their shares?

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