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Religious groups to ‘grasp’ opportunity to ‘opt-in’ to UK marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. By specifically making it illegal for the Church of Englad (and Wales) to perform gay marriages, the government has, in my opinion, scored a blinder! Tolerant, liberal religious organisation can’t WAIT to ‘opt-in for eqiuality’. So, this legislation will make the C of E look increasingly remote, irrelevant, discriminatory and just plain nasty. EXCELLENT!!!!

    1. Peter Robertson 11 Dec 2012, 3:39pm

      No it won’t. They now have the perfect excuse and can honestly (rare for them, I know) say that they are legally prevented from providing equal marriage.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Dec 2012, 4:43pm

        The fact of the matter is, they won’t be forced to marry us, a bone of contention prior to, during and after the consultation and a red herring seized upon by those in opposition. Now that has all been blown out of the water and they’re still not happy. What I see is once we can marry, the CoE will realise it has been isolated and polarised from the majority in society. The new Archbishop is going to have an extremely difficult time now having dialogue with LGBT people and trying to convince the next generation, primarily as to why the CoE should appeal to them. The church has now received what it wished for, full protection but in so doing, has made itself irrelevant and thoroughly out of touch with a modern 21st century England. I dare say there will be some supportive Anglican clergy who will become disillusioned now that the church has brought this on itself. It will also alienate moderates from ever considering the priesthood. Maria Miller was absolutely right.

        1. “The church has now received what it wished for, full protection but in so doing, has made itself irrelevant and thoroughly out of touch with a modern 21st century England”

          Absolutely right. It reflects badly on the C of E and, along with the decision on women bishops, marks it out as an institution wilfully stuck in the past.

          1. Jock S. Trap 11 Dec 2012, 5:29pm

            Indeed the Church has recieved what it wished … however that will not be enough… wait for the next arguments to why we shouldn’t have marriage equality.

            What they have will never be enough they simply want marriage to be an ‘exclusive club’.

            I do see the government will probably use the Parliament Act on this however be warned I noted those even within the Tories choosing to ignore that this was on the card at the election for them and they may use it to try nasty court cases of the like we see in the US.

            They will stop at nothing to be the most discriminating people….. that will have dire consequences for them.

    2. More importantly it will cause friction form within from the elements that support same sex marriage. They now have nowhere to go but to another denomination. It’s a stroke of genius.

    3. 20 years from now when same sex marriage hasn’t brought about the end of the world and it is generally accepted, the CofE will do its usual trick or re-writing history and will claim that it was always at the forefront of the fight for marriage equality and it was the nasty secular parliament who refused to let the perform them – playing the victim card as usual.

      They have form for this, the CofE campaigned against abolishing slavery in the C19th and now claims credit for it. Its the same story with giving women the vote.

      1. Hopefully within 20 years that poisonous cult will no longer be the official state religion.

  2. The CoE is dead in its own toxic water. There are four million fewer Christians as the church has haemorrhaged members in the decade to 2011 according to census statics realised today. Yet, it has a monopoly on ceremony as the default venue of choice for straight couples to marry, and of real estate of churches in towns and villages up and down the country. It is of great cultural and historical importance to this country but does not ‘serve’ the society. It is allowed to get away with too much unchallenged.

  3. Jock S. Trap 11 Dec 2012, 5:31pm

    Happy about this because what this actually does is remove discrimination from the fault of society and firmly place it within those bigoted religions!

    They will be lit up like a beacon.

    1. No. This is a minipulated policy that will make it look like the government prevented them from being able to perform same-sex marriages, especially in the future.

  4. This is exactly what the C of E didn’t want. They now stick out like a sore thumb. And even if they did want to change in the future, they can’t. It’s illegal. They’ve asked for themselves to be made a special case and not only locked themselves in, but they’ve also been jailed in by law from the outside. How many of it’s congregation has to leave before the C of E hemorrhages to death?

    1. They don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

      Opposition to marriage equality is the position of most religious cults.

      Hurrah that the unitarians and quakers and some parts of judaism accept equality.

      But theirs is a minority position among the cults.

  5. From the BBC News comments section (proving that there is goodness in the CofE laity, at least)

    Fr Simon

    The CofE’s submission was not a consensus view, and was submitted without consultation. It is therefore not representative of the views of many within the Church. Many of us desire to extend the sacrament to all who are committed to life-long relationships and the noisy bigots should not be seen as representative of the God who welcomes all into love, commitment and fidelity.

    1. Those people within the church of England who support equality have no choice but to abandon the church now.

      If they remain then they are supporting bigotry.

  6. This article is very misleading as it does not acknowledge the grotesque bigotry of the larger cults.

    The cults which support equality are minor ones

  7. Don’t for one minute think that the C of E supports religious freedom. What they really wanted (though will never admit) is for all religious bodies to be banned from conducting same sex marriage ceremonies.
    By insisting that they will not be required to conduct SSM they have got what they claimed they wanted but painted themselves into a corner.

  8. A complete fiasco. Other than Peter Tatchell, I am appalled by the amount of passive acceptance of crap in this countries gay community. I am ofically ashamed and embarrased.

    1. That There Other David 12 Dec 2012, 9:31am

      I’m not sure why you see it that way. If anyone is being disadvantaged by this new legislation it’s the Church of England (and Wales) leadership, who seem to be fine with the idea of allowing Westminster to legislate what their organisation can and cannot do. I don’t think they’ve thought this through properly to be honest.

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