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Portsmouth Bishop: Equal marriage will ‘pervert authentic family values’

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Reader comments

  1. I think what really “perverts authentic family values” is unmarried priests who molest children.

    1. Garry Cassell 11 Dec 2012, 3:13pm

      And then spend millions defending the biggoted abusive priest and Bishops and all the while blaming the molested child…Oh what blessed christians…who wouldn’t want these values…???? As a Canadian and where same sex marriage is part of the normal society for some years now…the sky hasn’t fallen in anywhere…but sadly priest still molest young boys…that fact hasn’t changed either…

    2. That There Other David 11 Dec 2012, 3:23pm

      It always amazes me that anyone who has supposedly spent their adult life in celibacy, who knows nothing of human relationships, and can only act as an observer to the marriages of others thinks they have ANY ability to talk about family values. If I watch a jet pilot on TV it doesn’t mean I have any idea how to fly a plane.

      It would be funny if so many people didn’t blindly allow these charlatans to actually do it.

    3. I wanted to say that! Can you believe these people?

      1. followers of a pope who in 2009 UNexcommunicated bishop williamson a holocaust denier

        Sxxg Hxxl or is it Yob Tvoyo Maht to the pope

        (Maht in russian is mother.)

    4. The new census results show christians down from 72% to 56% in 10 years. Perhaps they are ashamed of the bishops?

      1. another link on PNUK said the other day that 1100 perday of xtians no longer continue to call themselves xtians.

        Do the math – if there are 50 million in england then we are on a track to be rid of most of the BS in about13 years. Hallelujah

  2. Ahh, new Bishop. I met Crispian years ago, he seemed like a nicer man than this fellow.

    You know, dear Philip, what really would “pervert authentic family values”?

    Children abused by their parents, no matter if it is sexually, violently, or mentally. A parent leaving their spouse and children without so much as a word. These things happen, too, and also within the homes of Catholic families. It’s amazing how many broken families I’ve seen within the Catholic communities I’ve been familiar with. And these families were not broken because of equal marriage.

  3. Myself & my wife are in love. We are also head over heels with our beautiful little boy. He is the best thing that ever happened to us. Surely that’s an authentic family value!

  4. I was brought up in Portsmouth, and went through the catholic school system , the nastiest most bitter teachers were the nuns and priests, if those are the values he wants he can keep them.

    1. That There Other David 11 Dec 2012, 3:20pm

      What they all need is a damn good shag occassionally to de-stress them a bit. Except with an adult for a change ;-)

    2. My dad went to a school of so called Christian Brothers, he told me of the physical abuse he received as a child, it was unbelievable!

    3. In ther USA “family values” are often code words for hate.

      As is use of the word family in many viciously anti gay hate groups.

      As for the new addition – Authentic – thats just another attempt to use Gobbels “if you tell lies often enough and outrageous enough they will be seen as the truth.”

      BTW what arent thes extremists ranting publically about what’s really destroing marriage – endless divorce by str8 people.

      These nutters in the church remind me of the utter hate USA group the westboro baptist church> I think they tried to get into England and ended up with spending money on a round trip for usually 4-6 and getting only a prob $5000 reciept for their troubles.

      it should have been stuffed up their back door (sex) opening and set on fire.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Dec 2012, 4:32pm

    This from a cult that is morally bankrupt. The affrontery of these bigots is mind-boggling.

  6. “To extend marriage to gay people he intends to impose the will of a tiny minority on the vast majority.”

    The bishop obviously does not read opinion polls, which consistently show majority support for equal marriage.

    1. I’m sure he reads them, but presumably he doesn’t believe them.

      Because all the people he talks to – all the people he recognises as the “vast majority” – think exactly like him.

  7. Laughed out loud when I read “… there are people who wish to uphold the traditional Christian ethos and there are those who wish true love and happiness upon every human being.”

    Enough said.

  8. I misread that headline as “Pottymouth Bishop”.
    Then I read the article and realized I hadn’t misread it at all.

  9. What authentic family values? Oh the ones where hetero couples get married and then it all goes pear shaped after three months? Very authentic, yes, very true to life.

  10. He’s right – I wish we had more bishops like him who will speak up against this perversion being forced upon our society.

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