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Welsh Secretary David Jones to vote against same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 10 Dec 2012, 6:42pm

    The most shocking thing about this IMO is that Wales has Tory MPs!!!

    I hope he’s one of the aforementioned 110 or whatever the number was. There will be more Tories stating their position over the coming weeks, so the numbers will become clearer as the vote gets closer.

    1. The nasty party still going strong.

  2. Ugh. Ridiculous. He does not speak for Wales inn this.

  3. I hope GLBT people in Wales raise a fuss about this. As Welsh Secretary he should certainly be voting with the Government.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Dec 2012, 6:58pm

    Bigot written all over his smarmy religious face. Why am I surprised he’s from Wales? Just as bad as that bunch in NI.

    I think the number is 130 voting against. With a whipped Labour and Liberal Democratic vote, the figure should be between 305-311. We need 326 to pass it if I’m not mistaken. I would imagine there are more than a sufficient number of Tories voting yes to see it safely through. There are roughly 185 or more Tories who haven’t said anything. I really believe support is higher than the opposition within their party. I think that’s why we’re seeing more of them speaking out against, knowing they don’t have enough to block it. It will get more rabid as the vote approaches. If they were comfortable it wouldn’t pass, they woudn’t be making a lot of noise I don’t think.

    1. Jones is not remotely typical of welsh politicians or people in general. He is a member of the tory party, an organisation with no credibility or influence which has no possibility of gaining power – the english equivilent would be something like the lib dems without even the prospect of becoming a junior coalition partner – the other main parties have ruled out working with them.

      He represents costa geriatrica, a section of the north coast which has become a glorified retirement home for reactionary english expats fleeing from ‘multiculturalism’ in england. they are the people who elected him MP, he does not represent Welsh people.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Dec 2012, 7:01pm

    I think we can safely assume his reason for voting no is the religious nonsense about churches being forced and of course the very convenient CP tool they now seize on to justify no equal marriage. Most of them opposed CPs, now they’re becoming a handy tool all of a sudden.

  6. Bigot…

    thats all

  7. I think you meant barking ‘mad’…

  8. He’s refusing to give interviews on the subject because it “bears no relation to his role as secretary of state for Wales”…

    Quite right. But what about his role as an elected MP? Does he not have an obligation to explain his position to those who elected him? At least that way, they can decide if they want to re-elect him. … or not! WORM.

    1. It isn’t being secretary of state for Wales that gives him a vote, it is being an MP. His constituents should demand to know what he is babbling on about.

  9. This is beginning to mirror the conservative vote on the Goods and Services Bill back in 2008 when only 28 conservatives-including David Cameron and Patrick McLoughlin voted in favour-but the rest either abstained or voted against. Its getting harder and harder to think the Conservative party has changed at all as regards their attitude towards gay people. Its bginning to look like homophobia is an absolute inherent part of the conservative party- even in the 21st. century. Theres just the David Cameron “caucus” and then the bulk of the party still “nasty” Will they ever be any different?

  10. David Jones is an extremist bigot.

    Anyone who votes against equal civil rights is a bigot.

    David Jones is not fit for purpose as a government minister because of his extremism.

    He really should be sacked.

  11. Even if the vote is carried in the House of Commons. we should not assume all is done and dusted. The next hurdle is the House of Lords and you can bet your cotton socks that the bill will face much tougher opposition from the old guard. Furthermore, there are doubts that the government can invoke the Parliament Act to steer it through.

    1. They are under the threat of reform, and those proposals, currently on-hold, can be re-activated any time. TBH I thought they would kick student fee increases in to the long-grass but they capitulated – and I watched the whole thing, and it was most disgusting to see. But there are also incredibly inspiring older people there who are wise even beyond their years, and with an extension to the Lord Ali amendment, to cover marriage, opposition can only come in the form of bigotry and prejudice, there can be no rational, reasoned, arguments against it.

  12. BBC Wales reports him as saying

    “He has previously written to a constituent: “I believe marriage is an institution ordained to sanctify a union between a man and a woman. If a vote is called, I shall vote in accordance with my beliefs

    His deputy, Stephen Crabb, is also against and is understood to be concerned about the ability of legislation to protect places of worship from a legal challenge if they refuse to carry out ceremonies.

    I think these guys should just make an excuse to go for a toilet break when the vote comes if they think like that….

  13. Well, I sincerely hope that the PM has a cabinet reshuffle and this man is removed from his ministerial post.

  14. Jock S. Trap 11 Dec 2012, 9:08am

    A Coward and a bigoted then!!

  15. I don’t see how it bears no “relation”

    If its one of his political polices, then yes it does.

    He makes a statement but then gives no reason for it.

  16. I think it’s disgusting that a government minister won’t be voting for a Bill brought forward by the government. He should be sacked immediately if he can’t support the government he is part of.

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