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Mexico: Teacher fired for showing the pro-gay film Milk

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Reader comments

  1. Well her class really know what discrimination is about now.

    1. Ain’t that the truth.

  2. Unbelievable! She only showed a portion of the film as part of an approved lesson so what’s the problem? I’m guessing the principal…

    If she can prove wrongly dismissal I hope she’s awarded damages and that anyone who’s found to blame gets the sack.

  3. It was great how they used Sean Penn to so closely repressent Harvey. Josh Brolin’s support to that film made me have to buy it on blu ray out of respect.
    I guess one person’s materpiece is another person’s filth…

  4. What a terrible thing to happen. That movie is a treasure. It’s as important in its way as Schindler’s List. Mexico have made some strides in gay rights recently. I hope the teacher wins her case and the principal is reprimanded or dismissed.

  5. GingerlyColors 11 Dec 2012, 6:41am

    Having not seen the film myself, I do not know what content is contained within it. Does ‘Milk’ show any explicit sexual scenes. If it shows nothing more than two men in a bed then I cannot see anything wrong with showing it to children – after all Laurel and Hardy shared a bed. Even if the film showed sexual scenes then dismissing a teacher for showing it to children may be rather harsh especially as many children would have seen porn (at least of the straight variety) by that age. If the Cecilia Hernandez was dismissed simply because she had shown a film about a gay subject then she has grounds for claiming unfair dismissal. While we applaud Mexico for making great strides in LGBT rights I wonder how that country fares when it comes to employment protection.

    1. I saw the film some time ago and from what I remember there is no sexual content at all. At most, I think there is only some kissing and I can’t remember if there is even a scene showing two men in bed. At most, there is some swearing and obviously the death scene.

      It is a superb movie, brilliantly acted and directed, well worth a watch.

  6. Something tells me this teacher is up against the power of a religious institution, say the RC church..

    There is nothing offensive in the film except maybe the scene where White, who was a catholic, aims a pistol at Harvey and shoots point blank, killing him instantly.

  7. How old are 7th and 8th graders?

    Regardless, the dismissal is based on the principals own prejudices and not the teachers.

    I wish her well and hope she has a successful outcome with her complaint to the discrimination board.

  8. Oh dear, it really seems as though it’s one step forward, three steps back in Mexico at the moment.

    On the other hand, it’s a huge country and it’s probably best not to generalise. Good luck to Ms Hernandez in getting a favourable result from the national discrimination board.

  9. I’m guessing the principal has ‘issues’ about their OWN sexuality .. (or is another victim of religious brainwashing). Isn’t it time the world woke-up to the fact that people who are comfortable with their sexuality couldn’t give a monkey’s about gay matters? It’s only those with ‘inner fears and longings’ who turn their self-hatred outwardly and victimise us. If more people asked these vile homophobes WHY they are so disturbed by homosexuality, I think we may soon eradicate it. Once they realise the game is up and we all understand what drives their homophobia, they’ll soon shut up.

    1. One can only hope. But here in the United States, we’ve seen how it’s not so easy. When progress seemed imminent, half of the country’s political and cultural establishment decided to adopt a social doctrine of rejecting all science and critical thought and declare a culture war against it.

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