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Conservative MP: ‘Most parents would prefer their children not to be gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Mine were homophobic but thought bullying is ok and so is abusing your kids – parents aren’t always correct or worth listening to

  2. Most parents want their kids to be happy, healthy and confident – it’s folks like this who are the damage.

    1. PinkPolitico 9 Dec 2012, 10:20pm

      Exactly..Davies should not presume to speak for others or give the impression that all parents share his offensive, anti-gay views.

    2. Most parents would prefer their children not to be homophobic. Or politicians.

    3. The biggest reason why parents don’t want their children to be gay is because of the tough time they will have because of tossers like this.

      If parents didn’t think their kids lives would be so difficult it wouldn’t be such a big concern.

      So Mr Davies YOU are the reason most parents don’t want their kids to be gay. YOU are talking about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    4. Exactly so. Couldn’t have said it better.

  3. PinkPolitico 9 Dec 2012, 10:19pm

    What an ignorant and misinformed comment. While Civil Partnerships were a step on the right direction, they do not amount to full equality and ‘separate but equal’ has never been a just policy. People like Mr Davies and other anti-gay MPs must be challenged as to why same-sex couples should be denied the right to marry on the same basis as straight couples..

    As for his risible comment that most would prefer their children not to be gay, Davies again shows how ignorant and out of touch he is. There are already many same-sex couples raising children and it is people like him who make that task more difficult when they abuse their positions of authority to express outdated homophobic nonsense.

    1. he did say that if the civic ceremonies are not equal he will support that … which is a good thing because it is not (and still won’t be entirely equal if you read the consultation cover to cover unless parliament has changed their mind on that). I do agree that nobody should be forced to carry out a religious ceremony (but so do the people who C4em nobody wants to be married by someone forced to be there!). Its upto his constituents to point this out though!

  4. “We’re going to lose a large number of very loyal activists…”

    If so, Davies has a quaint definition of “very loyal.”

    “I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay…”

    Good, so they’re fine with marriage equality then.

    “…but I think most parents would prefer their children not to be gay…”

    And this is relevant how? Most parents would prefer to change diapers, and for there kids to bypass the teen years, but the only way you can avoid that is not to have kids at all.

    “… knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

    And, somehow, getting married prevents that instead of facilitating it?

    what an idiot. It’s a wonder they let him graduate high school given his inability to say anything coherent.

  5. It is absolutely jaw-dropping how ignorant someone can be. I think most people assume by the time someone becomes an MP, no matter how much you disagree with their opinions, they must at least be educated beyond the limit of pond slime. However, as this man proves, irrespective of how utterly stupid you are,it is possible to be a complete c*nt. I would pay an entire month’s wages to sit and have a meal with him just to show him that his stupidity stoops to a level previously undiscovered.

  6. Condescending tw*t!

  7. Imagine the damage comments like this would do to a young person who is unsure of their sexuality or feels ashamed of it due to their upbringing. People like this who make life worse for other people are a disgrace to humanity, especially when so many people have a hard time already due to the bigots that unfortunately still exist in our so-called civilised society. What a loathsome man.

  8. PinkPolitico 9 Dec 2012, 10:39pm

    I would really advise people to listen to the recording of the BBC interview to grasp just how ignorant, offensive and out of touch this individual is. And to contact him directly, if you are unlucky enough to be represented by him in Parliament.

    In seeking to scaremonger around the issue of schools and sex education (which are utterly irrelevent to this debate) it’s as if the Section 28 repeal never happened! And based on the kind of backward views expressed in this interview, I suspect people like Davies are also opposed to tackling homophobic bullying in schools..

    As for ‘loyal’ Tory activists being unhappy, what mainstream party wants their grassroots support based on people so prejudiced that they cannot bear the thought of same-sex couples being afforded equality??

    This is exactly the kind of toxic Tory bigotry that made that party so unelectable for so long and which Cameron needs to face down.

  9. I thought most decent parents just wanted their children to be happy. Gay children will be happier children and grow up into happier adults if they are not surrounded by bigots who go out of their way to preach that gay people are inferior and “wrong” in some way.
    It’s amazing how many of these dinosaurs wear their bigotry as some kind of badge of honour.

  10. I think that it’s true that most parents would prefer for their children to be heterosexual instead of homosexual. Indeed, many ARE horribly determined to continue to contribute to the gene pool. That much is fair. However, that’s a flaw of the parents, not a flaw of the homosexual children.

  11. Matthew Leeper 9 Dec 2012, 10:48pm

    hate the word tolerance I mean you tolorate a migraine not a person. Civil cermonies for anyone who wants one
    marriage for anyone who wants one

    full equality no double standards
    acceptance and love not tolorance and smug political correctness that masks with cleaver wordage ones real opinion.

    This guy is a foolish ,ignorant scumbag ,a royal prick and exactly the kind of political cancer thats eating this country alive!

  12. ““It changes the way that sex education is going to be taught in schools.”

    No, it doesn’t.

    “most parents would prefer their children not to be gay, knowing most parents want grandchildren if nothing else.”

    How thick are you, Davies? Gay people are just as fertile as straight people, and have the option of having children. Moreover, no-one has a guarantee of grandchildren whatever the sexuality of their children because they simply might not want children of their own.

    And – shocking as this must seem to you – most parents simply want their children to be happy.

    Of course, that’d be a lot easier for gay children if they didn’t have to grow up surrounded by bigotry and ignorance like yours…

  13. Mumbo Jumbo 9 Dec 2012, 11:06pm

    Most children would prefer their father not to be Mr Davies.

  14. Pavlos Prince of Greece 9 Dec 2012, 11:25pm

    Well, he is right, more or less (yes, even in the most liberal countries)… But with this words, I suspect, he wish to repeat for the x time this terrible and by all Conservatives in the world so much beloved artificial opposition ‘gay people vs. innocent children’ – and this is not OK, not at all!

  15. Sometimes you just have to make the most what you get given. Thats what my parents done.

    Most parents would like the “perfect” children but they dont exist.

    1. My parents would have preferred me to be straight. That preference expressed itself cruelly and caused me much unhappiness. I would rather have had wiser and kinder parents. There would then have been more happiness all round. What would have been so wrong with that Mr Davies? You have 3 children with no guarantee that one if them at least won’t be heterosexual. How will you deal with that I wonder. So far you’re proving to be a parent that any decent child will be thoroughly ashamed of.

  16. I’ve written several letters to DD and he keeps repeating the same arguments…it’s like talking to a brick wall…he’s even got letters and replies posted on his website from stonewall , the GEO and the equalities office saying there will be no challenge in the ECHR and none of them would sponsor a challenge, yet he ignores all the arguements.

    I think he’s shown his true colours when he goes on about parents not wanting gay kids or not teaching homosexuality at schools. It’s nothing to do with the word marriage. It’s just plain homophobia.

  17. I would sugest David Davies listen to the words of Sir John Major (previous cons PM in the UK)

    “Sir John Major has backed David Cameron’s move to allow homosexuals to marry, telling Conservative critics and Church leaders they must “move on” and accept the change as part of 21st Century life.”

    MOVE ON mate, we’re all sick of that homophobic crap!!!!

    1. I was very surprised when I heard that John Major was on our side!

  18. I find it fascinating how these people are sure they’re in the majority, regardless of polling.

    “Most Conservatives are furious about gay marriage.” “Most parents want straight children.” Most etc.etc.

    But the only support they get is from people like them: mostly male, mostly Tory, almost all religious, almost all socially conservative. If “most” people agreed with them, wouldn’t young, female, atheist Labour MPs be queuing up to hate gay people too?

    Many of these anti-equality types don’t fully recognise the existence of people who aren’t like them. In their delusional maths, they are the majority – because they haven’t noticed that the rest of us exist.

    Those of us in the reality-based community have a different arithmetic – where half of us are female, a fifth of us are atheists or agnostics, half of us are under 40 – and hardly anyone listens to the CofE.

  19. The whole wide world doesn’t give a jot about David TC Davies. Honest.

  20. If some parents prefer that their children weren’t gay it’s possibly due to knowing that their child is going to get bullied, and discriminated against, and that LGBT suicides are on an alarming rise because of such things.

    People like Davies are the ones encouraging such attitudes. The bigots and homophobes are the ones that need to change, not the LGBT people. I’d rather wish that my child didn’t turn out to be a bigot like Davies, than not being gay. I’d just want my child to be happy; gay, straight, bi, pan, trans*, asexual, or anything else.

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 10 Dec 2012, 1:31am

    What would David Davies know about full equality for gay people since he’s never had to face discrimination or denied the right to marry which was his birth right?. Somebody should ask him if he were told he could only have a CP, and only gays could marry, would he be happy about it and if not, why not?

    It’s all very well venting our frustration here on PN, but what we should be doing is writing to the Lords. The C4M hate group are already ahead of us, writing in droves. Don’t be complacent, be proactive. StonewallUK isn’t!

  22. I don’t want gay children to grow up in a world that contains Mr Davies. I don’t care if kids grow up gay, I just hope they don’t grow up like Him

  23. Christopher in Canada 10 Dec 2012, 4:34am

    I never realized that I was part of a perpetual breeding program.

    Good thing I have 2 str8 brothers!

    (Don’t get me started on how a woman is expected to take her husband’s name, forgoing her own…)

  24. If I had a child I just hope it wouldn’t be turn out like David Davies…

    I strongly suggest that any person who is so worried about having a child turn out gay simply shouldn’t have any children at all…..

  25. Most people don’twant their children to become a nasty bigoted polititian, but that doesn’t me we should ban them from getting married, or even standing for office (though that’s tempting :-) )

  26. If they did it would be because of people just like him and he should get back in his cave and shut up.

  27. I know nothing about this man’s personal circumstances but I sincerely hope that he doesn’t parent a gay child. The value of what he says is that it serves to remind us that we still have a distance to travel before we can have hope that no more lives are destroyed by those who peddle their simple hatred of difference as a form of wisdom.

  28. He might be right in the “parents” comment, but, as far as sane parents go, that is because they don’t want their children to be victims of prejudice. So perhaps it’s prejudice that this guy should be focusing on, and equal marriage would be a good step in that direction. As far as the grandchildren thing comes, well most parents would like things to be easier than it currently is for gay children, but perhaps harder than it is for straight children (unwanted teen pregnancies… anyone?). In any case this moron has thrown out an arguably true comment that happens to further prove the opposite of what he is arguing. No big surprise though… *sigh*

    Besides, even is he were trying to please the not so sane, homophobic parents. How many times does he (and those parents) need to hear that there is nothing that can be done to “encourage” heterosexuality and that equal marriage will not turn anyone gay? So, how is his comment relevant to his side?

  29. Just read his Wikipedia entry…

  30. “I think most people are very tolerant and have no problem at all if people are gay but” – I had no idea I was tolerated!

  31. Obviously represents some coal-saturated, climate destroying electorate where they surface for midweek bible study and Sunday choir!

  32. I think my parents would be more upset if I came home, sat them down and said I was Conservative

  33. Parents want grandchildren therefore don’t legalize same-sex marriage.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    This guy seriously got to be an MP? Just shows any thick toff can be a Tory MP. Probably a chum of Osborne.

    1. “What I’m concerned about is what we were originally given a consultation on, and that is having gay marriage recognised by law which opens to door to all churches being forced to do that.”

      This is scaremongering. Many churches do not permit divorcees to re-marry, and not one of these churches have been compelled to permit divorcees to marry in their churches.

  34. Maybe he just can’t see straight with those eyes

  35. Timon Goode 10 Dec 2012, 10:21am

    What strikes me about his thinking is that people are gay whether he would ‘prefer’ it or not. We exist. Isn’t the logic that he would prefer us not to exist? Really? And so in his ideal world he would ‘prefer’ us not to exist? Why not take it a step further? If he’d prefer reality not to be reality, then start killing us. This man is emotionally immature, and for a public representative with a stage for his ideas, his mind is dangerously deluded. He should be called on this, preferably taken aside and encouraged to think out what he is saying.

  36. More senseless waffle. This guy and his ilk are simply being sure to signal to their bigoted hard-core vote (they are not likely to have anybody else’s in 2015) that they are faithful to the true homophobic faith even though the heretics are going to get equal marriage through without a shadow of a doubt. It’s just a way of saying ‘whatever the rest of them are doing, it’s nothing to do with me – honest!’
    Normal politicking by the defeated. It just happens to be noisy and irritating.

  37. Most parents would not want their child to be David Davies.

  38. Timon Goode 10 Dec 2012, 10:38am

    What strikes me about his thinking is that people are gay whether he would ‘prefer’ it or not. We exist. Isn’t the logic that he would prefer us not to exist? Really? Why not take it a step further? This MP with a stage for his ideas is half-baked in his thinking. He should be called on this, preferably taken aside and encouraged to think out what he is actually saying.

  39. Most parents would prefer their children not to be conservative.

    1. Hahaha.

  40. That There Other David 10 Dec 2012, 11:19am

    Ho hum.

    Dear Mr. Davies.

    Some people ARE gay. Get over it.

  41. Most children would prefer their parents not to be homophobic

    1. Brilliant! :)

  42. I don’t mind my kids being gay – so long as they’re not bigots – like those old Tories. Old habits die hard, huh?

  43. I agree with most parents don’t want there kids to be gay. Mine didn’t and there are two of us. Also I don’t agree that people should be forced marry gay people in church. We have equality with civil partnerships. Why church? It’s just forcing our rights on other people who go to church. I think everyone needs to be respected.

    1. No-one is forcing anyone to marry gay people in a church. There are religions who are asking to be allowed to do so. Are you saying that we should restrict their ability to do so in order to appease other religions who don’t want that right? Where is the freedom of religion there?

      The only folk who aren’t getting enough respect here are the gays who are told that our relationships are inferior and not worthy of the same recognition as heteros.

    2. Dave North 10 Dec 2012, 4:02pm

      Gay people go to church you know….

    3. Why force shops to serve us when they don’t want to? Why force employers to hire us when they don’t want to? Why force schools to treat us equally when they don’t want to? Why give us legal protections against bullying and abuse when the bullies don’t want them?

      This is what effective equality law means – making people do things they don’t like when the alternative is having an unjust society where some are treated better than others.

      Why do you think the right to act on religious bigotry is more important than the right to equal opportunities under the law?

  44. It amazes me that these Tory MPs have forgotten the last election resulted in a hung parliament: That the only reason they are in government now is that Gordon Brown stepped down, allowing them to form a coalition with the Lib Dems.

    Yet somehow they think that if they continue as they always have done, they’ll get all their “loyal” votes through and win the next election! Ludicrous.

  45. Look, I think it’s very likely that most parents, even loving and fairly liberal ones, do hope their children will reproduce – propagation of the species does seem to be hard-wired into most average people. And many of them probably aren’t mad keen on their children being gay either, out of inexperience and/or ignorance.

    The issue here is more what on earth that has to do with same-sex marriage!

  46. i am a gay parent and if i have any reservations about my kids turning out to be gay its only because small minded, self-serving morons like Mr Davies will spend so much of their time trying to make their lives difficult and preventing them fromhaving happy fulfilled lives. To be honest i would be much worried that they may turn out to be like Mr Davies or one of his sad homophobic friends – then i will truely have failed as a parent!

  47. Aiden Russell 10 Dec 2012, 2:28pm

    My kids have already told me that they will not disappoint me by being homosexual.

    They told me that they want me to be proud of them AND for their Mother and I to have Grandchildren,and not someone else’s via adoption or surrogacy.

    1. Are they over 5 yet?

    2. Such ignorance – both of reproductive technology and of sexuality. Your children are either LGBT or they’re not. They can’t choose, Aiden. And LGBT people can and do have children that are genetically their own all the time.

      And I shudder to think in what circumstances your poor children felt compelled to reassure you they wouldn’t be gay. What poisonous environment are you raising them in that they believe their value comes from being the ‘right’ sexuality? Reminds me of a man I knew who didn’t hold his own child for the first two months of her life because she was the ‘wrong’ gender. Sickening.

    3. I remember when I was about 14 my mother declaring how glad she was that neither of her children were gay. I dutifully smiled and nodded, assuring her that she had nothing to worry about. Interesting that I don’t remember the rest of the conversation; I don’t remember what went before or what happened after. Just what she said, and the way it made me feel. That’s what lasts. You’d better pray your kids don’t turn out gay Aiden, because all they will remember of the day they had to say that to you will be fear, sadness and the understanding that you don’t love them the way a parent should – unconditionally. Perhaps one day they’ll forgive you but believe me they’ll never forget it.

      1. unconditional love for a child does not stop you hating the wrong they do

  48. Contrary to what Cameron says, I do not believe Anyone should be permitted opt-out clauses on euqlity. If we allow religion to say which bits of the law they will and won’t obey, can I start not paying my taxes because it’s against MY religion? I sincerely hope the ECHR throws the book at the UK. It’s an outrage that ‘service providers’, whether hiding behind the cloak of ‘belief’ or not, should be allowed exemptions from the laws by which the rest of us must abide.

    1. But surely it’s questionable whether cults can be described as “service providers”?

      After all the ECHR hasn’t forced the RC church – or any other church, for that matter – to have female bishops, has it? And as far as marriage is considered, so long as civil marriage for same-sex couples is provided, the rest should be a matter of choice.

      1. How are they not service providers? Indeed, one of the biggest parts of what they do is… well, providing services. A wedding service is, funnily enough, a service – it involves hire of a venue, a celebrant and so forth, and money is charged for these services. If a civil registrar has to abide by equality law, because they provide a service, how is a religious group doing exactly the same thing not providing a service? Is a service not a service when it’s done under the delusional belief in the existence of magic sky-tyrants?

        And you’re right, the ECHR hasn’t forced any religious groups to abide by equality law in hiring personnel yet. I believe it is high time they did so.

        Do we allow shops a choice in whether they serve gay people? Or any other groups in society? No, just the religious. Well it’s not right, and it must stop.

        1. I will say this, I do believe we would be far better off if, as in France and other European countries, religious marriages had no legal standing, they’re just ceremonies to fulfil their believers’ expectations.

          But they really aren’t service providers in the usual sense, simply because religious institutions are not obliged to marry people they don’t want to – never mind a divorced person trying to remarry in a Catholic church, you try being a non-Muslim trying to marry in a mosque!

  49. mickie_newton 10 Dec 2012, 5:03pm

    You know something funny Mr Davies….My parents welcomed me with open arms when I told them I was gay, because I was still their daughter, regardless of my sexuality!

    BUT, when I told my dad what you said…his reply was something like this. “Well if you were a conservative Mickie then I may have to consider dis-owning you!”

    I am inclined to agree with him!!!

    Probably didn’t get much love from mummy!!!

  50. mickie_newton 10 Dec 2012, 5:05pm

    Actually I really DON’T think your mummy loved you that much. I mean look at your stupid name combination!? What sane person calls their child David Davies for goodness sake?!

    1. (I think quite a number of Welsh people do, actually. As to their sanity, I couldn’t possibly comment!)

  51. Interesting statement you have there Mr. Davies. “Most parents would prefer their children not to be gay”. I see.

    Well it might be true. On the other hand it might very well not be true. There’s a way of finding out, which is to conduct a confidential survey using an appropriate polling methodology. Perhaps you ought to hire somebody do this, Mr Davies, before you start making such claims. There are companies like Ipsos Mori who do it for a living, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

    And if it turns out that you are right, and most parents would indeed prefer their children not to be gay, then fair enough. But the rest of your argument wouldn’t follow. If that were true then it would represent a shocking failure of education and tolerance, and we should be adopting urgent policies to change these parents’ minds and turn them away from such homophobic bigotry. Such a finding would show up a significant problem to be addressed

    Bringing in full equality in marriage law would be a good start.

  52. i love Aidens comment – do your definately straight children and their Mother know about your fetish for hanging out on gay news websites?

    1. Aiden Russell 11 Dec 2012, 3:05pm

      If gays screaming for equality, can ‘hang around’ on heterosexual sites, then it would be rather unequal to not allow heterosexuals to ‘hang around’ here.

      1. Bless. You funny little thing, it’s not that you shouldn’t be allowed, it’s more the delight of your excuses to justify your obsession. You probably haven’t heard of the phrase protest too much – or, if you have, perhaps you don’t quite understand its meaning?

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