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Lady Gaga thanks Russian Prime Minister for his softer stance on gay people

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Reader comments

  1. As a trans woman I have to say I do not care what Lady Gaga thinks about anything. She acknowledged a few years back that her over-the-top outfits are intended to be a parody of trans women, who she views as ugly and ridiculous.

    1. Source?

    2. She is not very P.C. in that first article, but she does NOT say transsexuals are dumb and ugly. She thinks Lady Gaga (her alter ego) is not sexy: a tranny, androgynous, robo, future fashion queen. It’s amazing!

      What someone finds sexually attractive is very personal and you might not fall in that category. I have a beard, which is a really turn-off by some of my friends. So now we can no longer be friends and their opinions don’t matter? What a bull!

      The second article is the opinion of someone who agrees with you.

      But really? She is an artist not your friend, she doesn’t know you, you don’t know her.

      Grow some skin!

    3. Savannah please give me some response, I live to learn. I’m a very vocal defender of transgender rights and respect. Although I would never use language like tranny, faggot, dike etc. But if you belong to the in-crowd I don’t bother.

      I think Lady Gaga is beautiful, especially in her meat dress (I’m a vegetarian almost vegan), but not sexy. Why do you think if she uses transsexual and androgynous imagery for her creation she is somehow against you? Because you don’t want people to recognise that you are transsexual? People must accept you as 100% woman. But there are also many people who like you because you are transsexual, what about them?

  2. Thanks, Lady Gaga!

  3. Gotta love Lady Gaga !

  4. talentless and quite awful. Grace Jones has done more for gay people by being accepting and not patronising. Being unusual is a gift this is why i don’t get the whole marriage thing gaga is so fake and insincere

  5. I do love Gaga and respect her work for GLBT community, but calling her work culture is a bit rich in face of what Russia and specially St. Petersburg has to offer. Little modesty please but hats off to tone of voice and good intentions.

  6. Medvedev is Prime Minister of Russia and the most he can manage is to not “stand by” his party’s policy? He should be having it overturned, at the very least.

    I look forward to the day when the homophobic law in “St Petersburg” is overturned and the city is once again fit to be called Leningrad,

    1. Well, to be frank, he has limited powers. Which is sad, as he is one of the only few progressive politicians over there. Of course, the progressive is by Russian standards, not European.

      1. What do you mean by European? Russia is European and so is Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Lithuania. There is no legal recognition of same-sex couples in much of eastern Europe at all. No anti-discrimination laws against homosexuals. All by approval of the E.U.

        1. Russia is Eurasian. The west part is in Europe and the east in Asia. The Ural mountains form the geographical divide.

    2. Because Lenin was such a nice person?! WTF!

    3. Medvedev is merely Putin’s puppet, his sole purpose having been to keep the Presidential seat warm for Putin so that the latter could continue ruling the country as populist tyrant. Medvedev seems like he might have an ounce of humanity in him, but any serious expression of this in defiance of Putin’s will would result in him being disappeared fairly quickly. Good luck to Gaga on her visit to St Petersburg…

  7. growing up as a gay teenager lady gaga has always been an inspiration to me. she says that it’s okay to be who you are and individuality should be celebrated so to all of you on here criticising her just know that she is a lot more than her outlandish outfits!

  8. On balance I think this gaga lady is a good thing for us. Just don’t corner us all into the camp stereotype!

  9. damned filth 11 Dec 2012, 10:57am

    Putin goes soft in front of a gay? I am sure we could get that sickle pointing upwards again.

    Always fancied Vlad the impaler in a cold war, treat you like a bad girl sort of way

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