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US: Mormon website encourages compassion, asks gays to stay in the church

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  1. The Mormons have a sort of theological glass ceiling through which LGBT members may look, but never pass.

    Since doctrinal change comes only through a “revelation” from God, nothing is changed by the new website.

    The offer of “hope” is not just false, it is cruel.

    1. god has obviously been taking IT lessons then.

    2. Hysterical Screamer No. 243 7 Dec 2012, 12:20pm

      They’re saying “Stay! But remember you’re second-rate! We’re just being nice to you! You don’t deserve it really!”

  2. So they still don’t believe in equal rights, same-sex relationships or same-sex families – but they don’t want gay people to leave?

    Forgive me for not praising a group that says “stay and be lonely and miserable” as some kind of good thing

    1. Do not trust anything the Mormon Church says! Period! I’ve been there and done that, and I’m certainly not going back to retardation!

  3. The church can feel very alienating for gay people. Choosing between the absolutes of sticking 100% with the church or leaving it entirely, can be gut-wrenching, especially for people who have been born and raised Mormons and whose entire family support structure is Mormon. Fortunately, there is an independent gay-friendly Mormon gay rights group, Affirmation. I believe gay Mormons of either inclination (and everywhere inbetween) should not lose this opportunity to build bridges and push for reform in Mormon society as a whole.

    1. You are as likely to change the bigoted cults from within as you are to change the BNP.
      Dump your irrational, homophobic and misogynist cult and join the real world. Be Gay, be happy.

  4. Bloketoys 7 Dec 2012, 1:30am

    They know that religions are failing, numbers are in massive decline and they’re desperate to stop the collapse of their church by begging people to stay while not giving any concessions. This the desperation of a failed religion. The message in response should be clear and loud, no concessions, you do not own marriage, you have to catch up with modern society or die like the dinosaurs. End of discussion.

  5. I feel especially thankful that my Mormon family has always been extraordinarily progressive-leaning and gay-friendly. They forged a path of acceptance long before I was born, when far too many Mormons today find little or no acceptance with their families for complex cultural reasons. I do believe there is a great deal of culturally-rooted intransigence in the church as an organization, and it needs a great deal of reform before it can reach the genuine compassion on gay issues seen in religious leaders like Desmond Tutu.

    I’m not going to tell gay Mormons to stay with the church or to leave the church – it’s extraordinarily complex in emotional and spiritual terms. People can’t alienate their sexuality, and they shouldn’t have to alienate their entire ethnic or cultural identity. (Being a Mormon in the Intermountain West is traditionally both.) But I hope for a future when being a gay Mormon is a complete non-issue, where people don’t have to choose between them.

    1. But it is a religion invented by a known con artist that believes in magic underwear. Pleeeeeeeease!

    2. “it’s extraordinarily complex in emotional and spiritual terms.”

      No it’s not. You either take control of your own life or let others take control. It is really that simple.

      You and your Mormon family are on the wrong side of history, of life and of basic human respect. Don’t wait for a Desmond Tutu, take action now!

  6. randy red 7 Dec 2012, 3:14am

    Sooooooo, you can be gay, just deny your sexual feelings, live like a robot, and you can be friends with us? No thanks I’d rather live a full life without your bigotry, thanks

  7. I’ve always found the Latter-day Saint movement fascinating.

    Church surveys have shown that the rate of disaffection is increasing and one of the oft-cited reasons is the church’s attitude to LGBT people. The church is desperate to stem the loss of members, and this move follows consultation with LGBT groups in Utah and silence on the most recent marriage equality initiatives.

    I suspect that over the next few years, if the membership exodus doesn’t slow, we’ll see this movement towards acceptance increase in speed.

    As the church has shown on polygamy and blacks in the priesthood, it can be very flexible but only when its survival is threatened.

  8. god has always been a bit slow to catch up with public opinion.

    So…….. “If you must be nasty, be nice about it guys”.

  9. Paint that church green and you have the emerald city out of the wizard of oz.

    That was also run by an old con man.

  10. Tiny step, but at least it seems to be forward for a change.

    1. I would call it a sideways step. And meaningless.

  11. This is a disingenuous move. It will do more harm than good to many Gay Mormons who may have been on the verge of breaking free to find happy lives in the real world.

  12. Please stay. This time we’ll smile as we beat you up.

    1. Well said

  13. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Dec 2012, 12:57pm

    The problem is, the Mormon cult believes in praying away the gay, reparative therapy. I hope gay Mormons continue to leave in droves for the sake of their mental health and well-being.

  14. Fuck the Moron Church. They’re insincere bigots and this is nothing more than P.R. to bring attention to how wrong it is to be GLBT, They’re losing the war. I can hardly wait for the Supreme Court to chime in and void California’s Prop 8. The only gold plates they should be concerned about are the ones in their thick skulls.

  15. Make no mistake about this. As a Mormon for over thirty years, I know that the Mormon church will fight tooth and nail against gay unions and gay marriage with all the monetary power that they have. And remember they are super rich, with Mormon lawyers crawling out of every Celestial hole.
    The Mormon Temple Ceremony states that a marriage can only be between a man and a woman. This is their core belief and one they will defend at all cost.
    Have a look at a Mormon Temple Ceremony filmed by undercover video in the Salt Lake Temple, Utah this year:

  16. Lyuba Allenivna Marchenko 18 Dec 2012, 11:43am

    What a crock of shite this is! Stay in the church and be considered as less than a full adult. Stay celibate and never have intimacy with someone you love.

    Go feck yourself with that shite!

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