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US: Gay soap star Scott Evans arrested for attempting to buy drugs

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Reader comments

  1. A victimless crime then. With an agent provocateur. No crime here until the police showed up pretending to sell drugs. Didn’t realise this sort of thing still went on.

    Still a very silly boy though.

    1. Hodge Podge 6 Dec 2012, 9:29pm

      I agree. (Obviously depending on what exactly he was taking, in what amounts and in what manner. Still don’t see many situations where arresting him would help.)

  2. Slow news day?! Just because he’s gay shouldn’t make this non-story a story.

    1. Well actually it does Scott Evans might not be well known in the UK but he was a star of a very popular American soap called One Life To Live. go to You tube and watch the clips for Oliver and Kyle’s gay storyline. Scott is a talented young actor who made some mistakes.

  3. Why, our own Lindsay Lohan in the making!


  4. He’s cute and hes out and he’s successful. I hope he continues to be.
    As for that Patricia Mauceri – wadda BITCH. According to IMDB she hasn’t worked since 2009. Ha Ha Ha.

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 7 Dec 2012, 1:47am

    He is hot, cute, sexy and gorgeous!

    Wow he can sleep with me any day!

    1. We’ll let him know.

    2. Hysterical Screamer No. 243 7 Dec 2012, 1:07pm

      Eye candy, for sure! And Aussie gay men are complete suckers for pretty-boy looks, aren’t they. It comes from all that Yankee rubbish they show on Aussie TV 24/7.

      1. Hysterical Screamer No. 243 7 Dec 2012, 1:08pm

        Having said, he’s eye-candy, I think his eyes would get to me after a while. Just a tad too narrow, don’t you think? Could do with a little widening.

        1. Fussy or what?

  6. Entrapment anyone ?

  7. So the fact he is gay and has allegidly bought drugs, means it goes on this webstite… OK then, is this because there is a supposed link between gay men getting high on E’s in nightclubs. (two things which I dispise, E’s and nightclubs).

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