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Montana: Man charged with infecting partner with HIV also accused of killing 55 dogs

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Reader comments

  1. The hills have eyes.

  2. I’d redline him for downing the dogs. Not fit to breathe air.

    1. Drowning? I thought he shot them.

      1. Don’t understand why I have been marked down. The article says “shot and killed 55 husky dogs on the property” Am I missing something?!

        1. No, you’ve just fallen foul of the usual PN trolls, and the other sheep who see negs and click thumbs down without reading.

          1. Thanks, Sam.

        2. um, RJP said downing, not drowning. You mis-corrected ;)

          1. Ah! Got it.

  3. Freak. Goodbye.

  4. mickie_newton 6 Dec 2012, 9:42pm

    There’s was a straight guy here in the UK done for something similar. He’d contracted HIV and hadn’t told his girlfriend/s he was carrying it and continued to have unprotected sex with them! It’s happened quite a few times with straight people :/

    1. I think i remember watching a movie with a plot like that… I think it was called Kids xx

  5. It’s unusual for Pink News (or any online magazine) to allow comment on a legal incident that has not yet been proven in the courts as fact.

  6. Such cases worry me. The ‘infected’ person surely has a responsibility to not put themselves at risk of contracting blood borne pathogens in the first place. There is no reference to non consensual sex here, so one can assume we’re not talking about a rape situation, which is entirely different. I’m basically concerned that someone can be taken to court, seemingly for not informing the other person they have HIV. Surely, the best standpoint is to assume that any sexual partner MAY have HIV, and so you protect yourself accordingly? Failure to do so should not invoke the law.

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