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Essex: Gay hairdresser who launched scissor attack after receiving homophobic abuse is jailed

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Reader comments

  1. Fair enough – he stabbed the chap and is being punished for that. The person who gave the homophobic remark should have been punished too though. Or are we to call the stabbing punishment even though that was an offence in itself?

    In any case I say drink played a part in both people. Alcohol is a drug.

  2. Wonder if it would have been two and a half years if the situation had been the other way round?

    1. mickie_newton 6 Dec 2012, 9:32pm

      Probably not!

      1. I’m sure the guy would have claimed “homosexual panic”. You know how frightening it is when three guys are picking on one. You tend to fear that there are only three of you, and that gay guy has a sharp tongue.

        This sentence was way too harsh for the crime. Sounds more like a sentence handed down by a local judge in Alabama, not the UK. What is happening over there???

  3. Another Hannah 6 Dec 2012, 12:34pm

    This is a sentence which is obviously disproportionate to the sentences given when the boot is on the other foot!

    1. I find the argument supporting the decision (“That must have been hurtful but unfortunately you reacted very badly when it would have been easier to distance yourself from the group.”) completly heterosexist and thus oppressive. Acctually, it means that the gay guy was told that he should accept the slur, retreat from public space and give it up to agressive straight guys. I am not trying to apologize the stabbing (but 3 vs 1 seems to be kind of disadvantage). I am just trying to explain how oppresive is regarded as “normal” even by the system of “justice”.
      There are not many ways how to protect yourself from homophobic/transphobic slur and sometimes, after experiencing many of them it is just enough. Enough of retreating, enough of being abused by anyone who thinks they are better. The slur is just systemic sexual abuse
      manifested by indivuduals. The slur should be punished by at least the same amount of time in prison.

      1. casparthegood 6 Dec 2012, 3:12pm

        He chose to go and get a weapon,in this case a pair of scissors, because he was a hairdresser presumably. Not a great defence to a charge of possession is it? At that time of night, when he and they had been drinking? It also looks in this instance as if he drew attention to himself by shouiting at the 3 blokes to shut up. Thats never a wise move regardless of who you are or where you are when outnumbered by drunks looking for a fight

  4. iI was totally wrong to stabbed the guy but I cant help thinking good on you. Gay people put up with tons of abuse never reported. I have a friend in Brixton constantly abused, I asked him what would be the situation if the abuse was in reverse?

    Why was the other person not charge with homophobic incitement?

  5. Paul from Brighton 6 Dec 2012, 1:01pm

    Compare the two sentences.

    The killer of a gay man in Scotland gets 12 years for murder.

    A gay man sitting on a train platform who reacts to taunts from 3 straight blokes gets 2 and half years where his attack didn’t kill anyone.

    You make up your own minds about how fair you’ll be treated by the Courts/Justice System if you’re LGBT.

    I made mine up many years ago.

  6. And me Paul. These judges are riddled with homophobia! I swear that some even think its OK to kill somebody who comes on to you in a gay way! Don’t scoff-its bloody true!

  7. Paula Thiomas 6 Dec 2012, 1:44pm

    Couple of points:

    He wound have been found guilty of gbh/wounding with intent. for which the last time I looked (which was ten years ago) the sentences started at eight years and went up from there.

    The twelve year sentence for murder. If it was murder not manslaughter then this is a tarriff (ie a time to be served before consideration for parole) the sentence in the current case is two and a half years. Under the current rules will be considered for parole after half the sentence.

  8. SeamusMacBh 6 Dec 2012, 1:46pm

    Gay or straight, he was a violent thug.I’m gay but I dont have a right to revert to violence to just because I’ve been insulted. This was a premeditated violent assault.

  9. It’s not so easy to distance yourself from a group of leery drinkers on a train station platform, you are basically trapped there and it was 3 -1.
    I think this whole thing is really depressing, obviously Howett overreacted because he’d been drinking too and not knowing the extent of the stabbing injury it’s hard to say whether the sentence was too harsh.
    If we all went about stabbing people who made homophobic comments most of us would be doing time in prison.
    If you do defend yourself you’re screwed and if you don’t defend yourself you’re screwed.

    1. if you defend yourself you alive- if you don’t you’ll die

  10. The offence is totally inacceptable just like the reaction to it. I’m gay and yes people offended me during my life, but I never ever hurt anybody violently. I profoundly refuse the use of violence.

    An attack with scissors can end really really badly. No matter who does it, should be punished like this.
    And seriously, if you’re getting more aggressive with alcohol, know your limits or don’t drink. It’s never an excuse for anything!

    1. Lion in Winter 6 Dec 2012, 3:12pm

      Good for you, Philipp. I, on the other hand, who have lived a life with a childhood of abuse at school and a broken nose due to being struck by a homophobe when I was 17, disagree. Enough of this “sacrificial lamb for their ignorance” crap.

  11. Enough with the victimhood guys. Get a fucking grip will you.
    Just because someone calls you queer/lezzer etc does not mean that you have carte blanche to go round attacking people.

  12. These sympathetic comments are all very well but it seems to me that the one looking for the fight was the hairdresser. You don’t STAB someone for calling you a name! He’s cooling off in prison. Good.

    1. Unfortunately the dangers of being drunk in public. If he and the others had been sober it’s unlikely the event would have happened

    2. yes because god knows thirty years of abuse wont make you want to lash out ever. yes it was wrong, but completely understandable how it came to happen, sad.

  13. alan rustle 6 Dec 2012, 5:20pm

    Before people get too carried away with this here are a few TRUE facts.

    The guy split with his ex THREE MONTHS before this incident took place.

    His ex never ever abused him and was only ever kind to him.

    The violent one in their short relationship was Howett.. This is why he has landed up where he is. He has a history of being violent in his relationships. There is photographic evidence available, showing the results of an awful beating this guy gave to his ex.

    I was one of THREE close by witnesses who saw this guy verbally abused and threaten his ex in a pub near the train station. The ex was minding his own business and very calmly just asked him to go away.

    It was some six hours or so later(after drinking spirits all day) that this guy did what he did to the guy he stabbed.. incidentally the guy he stabbed wasnt the guy who has got the better of him in the first fight. He just happened to get in the way.

    It was NOT a homophobic attack in the first instance.

    1. Thanks for this information. He sounds like an absolute nut-job & is precisely where he should be, behind bars. Those that valorised his scissor attack on this forum ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It is beyond foolish to side with a psycho simply because he is gay & his victims, on this occasion, are not.

    2. A more detailed account of Howett’s hearing & how no other media outlet told you about his list of prior convictions.

  14. alan rustle 6 Dec 2012, 5:24pm

    Several people know this unstable psychotic man.. several people have heard this man boast of previous attacks on others.. another incident with scissors again.. and another incident with a knife.

    He is in the right place and is not the victim here. There is however a trail of victims that he has left behind him!

  15. A clear case of heterosexual panic. M’lud.

  16. have to say we gay men and women are to blame because ewe DO NOTHING – we need to go back in time and start demanding rights – I was in PC at the weekend and over heard someone talk about a couple of dirty queers over there – I told yes and theres one next to you as well.

  17. lets face it his obviously got psychological issues which have not been adressed, and like everyone says if he had been stabbed or beaten to a pulp, the men if caught may get a fine… he should say his black and play the race card, better deal the the trump gay card..

  18. I’ll have to add gay hairdressers to the list of people I wouldn’t be stupid enough to start on in a crap hole like Basildon. Right under, “3 drunk guys with pints in their hands.”

  19. It seems this guy may be suffering from mental illness, and what is the government’s treatment? Yep, jail for the sick and the poor. It will come to a prison near you too, plebs.

    1. What is most astonishing is the amount of peeps who are siding with the gay bashers.

    2. The sentence is also in line with the government’s “divide and conquer” politics to confuse the masses. Meanwhile, homophobic hate crimes are being ignored, as in this case, and human rights laws are being challenged.

  20. “I thought carrying open bottles, cans etc of alcohol on stations & public transport was an offence – together with homophobic comments? Whatever you think of the rights and wrongs of Howett’s actions and sentence its not right that the others escaped punishment. Laws should be seen to treat everyone fairly.”

  21. Who’s the victim? I had to keep reading over the part where the story referred to ‘the victim.’ Judge Jones needs to be stabbed with the scissors for his demeaning and dismissive comments.

  22. “That must have been hurtful but unfortunately you reacted very badly when it would have been easier to distance yourself from the group.” nice judge so put every one back in the closet. I’m not a fan a violence, but I have to say has I read more and more stories on would be gay victims of hate crimes fighting back I am thrilled. For far to long gays and lesbians have let themselves be beaten down. Fight back because you can win, though I would advise being sober.

    1. There’s absolutely no evidence that this guy was a victim of a hate crime. One of them might have called him a name during a fight, which by all accounts, he started. When anyone gets angry in a fight, they say all sorts of rubbish – but there’s nothing to suggest that these men would have offered violence or abuse if this scissors psycho hadn’t started up with his aggression.

      See above for someone with intimate knowledge of the character of your “gay hero”.

  23. It sounds like he would benefit more from counselling, prison might make his situation worse.

  24. Since ever we have been prosecuted, discriminated, put in mental institutions, tortured and even killed.

    We still don’t have equal rights and homophobia is still prevalent.

    …and you all here are defending the ‘victim’! Really?

    If the ‘victim’ had kept his mouth shut he wouldn’t have been stabbed. What goes around, comes around.

    More of these straight thugs need to be taught a lesson…by us.

  25. This story does not include all of the facts. This man had multiple prior convictions, including assaults on police officers. Most notably, he had a prior conviction for brandishing a pair of scissors when he was caught shoplifting.

  26. Shame on the UK courts!!! It sounds more like “backwoods, southern U.S.” courts wanting to punish gay people at any given moment. They don’t see gay people as the victim ever. Time for a change!!!

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