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US: University faculty votes unanimously ‘yes’ on equal benefits for same-sex partners

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Reader comments

  1. And TN is a very homophobic state, which also uses taxpayer money to build a creationism museum.

    I’m reminded of Focus on the family, a xtian all but hate group. Its leader Dobson said some years ago- give me a child by the age of 8 and I’ll make him a xtian for life

    (A usually bigoted hateful xtian)

    1. That’s why this resolution is so important. The motion was voted for unanimously with remarks about “… a clear moral position …” and “… it’s embarrassing we haven’t made the strides …”, shows that main stream thinking is shifting.

  2. Who chooses which US stories to steal and republish on this site?

    Whoever it is clearly has no idea of what is of interest to UK readers.

    Is there really so little happening in the UK that the decision of some university in a hick state in some backward country like the US is newsworthy in the UK.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 8 Dec 2012, 9:46am

    This is called “a little bit of progress” for a homophobic Southern US State!

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