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Poland: Gay man wins homophobia case against Danish supermarket Netto

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick McCann 5 Dec 2012, 11:21am

    Well done for standing up against bigotry.

  2. Faggot is street slang and is used by homosexuals. Lets hope his employers appeal.

    1. You do realize that PinkNews used the most accurate translation of the polish word, so your reasoning is completly inaccurate.

    2. Yeah, and so’s n****r, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to use it, and that that’s any defence against racism. Same with gay slurs. It’s the context that it’s used in that’s important. Here it’s alleged that the complainant was abused a number of times and was then insulted by the implication that the company shouldn’t employ “such a f****t”.

      Why would anyone want to use abusive terms to bully and upset others?

    3. I was verbally abused, albeit less vehemently and not homophobically, (?) by an area manager when I worked for a British supermarket.
      It was in front of customers who looked disgusted. No excuse for this bullying, even if he called him a “moron”, that is wrong, humiliating and demeaning.

    4. You advocate the use of street slang for managers when dealing with employees, do you Mike?

      I can think of a few street slang terms that’d be appropriate for you.

  3. this is good news considerering some of the anti gay stuff coming out of Poland!

  4. This is a first ruling like this I am very sorry that Mr. Mazurski had to go through the abuse but the doors are opened now and many more cases will follow I hope and in the end hopefully this homophobic country will start changing the laws.

  5. I am surprised that homophobe works for Danish (!) company.

  6. This should focus the minds of management setting up in Poland. The bigots may find they get weeded out and cannot get a job. Really good news.

  7. Netto must sort this through Employment law

  8. GingerlyColors 6 Dec 2012, 7:34am

    I hope the central management of Netto, being based in one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to LGBT issues take the manager of their Polish branch to task. In the meantime it is great to see the Polish Courts show that homophobia is no longer acceptable.

    1. Alwaysniceman 21 Jan 2013, 6:51am

      yeah… but the company apparently didn’t provide any anti-discrimination training. It is a standard everywhere in the EU. It is the company’s fault they employed the manager who was an idiot and didn’t instruct that they do not accept any homophobia,

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