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Canada: Activists say blood reforms will still discriminate against gay men

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Reader comments

  1. Surely though, the absolute highest priority should be to maintain safe, healthy blood stocks. Real discrimination would be to deny blood being GIVEN TO gay people.

    1. Everyone in my family gives blood, and i would genuinely (although that should perhaps read sadistically) like to follow suit. I find it utterly shocking that they refuse the offer of a rare blood type based on the fact i have had sex with my bf during the last 12 months. I get tested regularly (force of habit) and have never had so much as a crab – yet still they do not want my blood. In the context of a riddled heterosexual being able to give blood which is safe cos it gets screened – it just makes no sense. If all blood is screened anyway, why reject anyones when there is a chronic shortage?

      The only reason i’ve not just lied my way through the process is in case there is something i don’t know about that maybe they do – but i would hope that if that were the case they would advertise the fact.

    2. There is absolutely no need for a 5-10 year deferral period. It’s completely pointless; scientifically redundant. HIV would found in blood after a few weeks.

      Ultimately though, why can’t we have a system where people who practice safe sex can give blood and those who don’t, can’t. Do people lie/bend the truth maybe which means they have to be extra careful?

    3. The reality is that a single str8 man who’s had numerous sexual partners can legally donate blood. Whereas I, having been with the same many for 5 years and legally married for 2, am not allowed to donate. It’s should be based on risk/science. Sexuality should not even be on the list of criteria.

  2. Given that in Canada incidence ofnew infection rates per year is higher among the heterosexual population, surely we should ban straight people from donating blood?

  3. MK Hernandez 8 Dec 2012, 1:07am

    Can you sign my petition to allow gay men to donate blood at

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