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UK: Local newspaper exposes public toilet as gay cruising spot

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  1. – dated 28th July 2010! Come on PN, it’s piss-poor journalism to run 2 year old stories as if they are new.

  2. I used to work in sexual health outreach and most of the people we dealt with in cruising areas didn’t actually identify as gay, lots of straight, curious and married men, so it always annoys me as a gay man who has never used a cruising area to find sex, when people talk as though it’s purely a gay thing.

    1. The words you are looking for are ‘bisexual men’ I think?

    2. Propaganda. I used to cruise a lot and 90% of the men I encountered were out gay men who also cruised the scene. That, in any event, is my experience of cottaging & outdoor cruising in London.

  3. Couold we please be told what the 4 Dec 2012, 11:15am

    If they are looking to have sex with men then they are, to that extent, gay, whether they “identify” as gay or not.

    1. Or bisexual.

      No straight man goes cruising for sex in toilets with other men.

  4. If men are actually having sex IN the toilet-then that act is illegal under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act- HOWEVER- It would NOT be illegal to MEET other men at that toilet in order to make contact-prior to having sex ELSEWHERE and then “out of public view”-provided they can’t be seen by at least TWO other people who “happen to be present”.

    It constatntly annoys me that the public still think it is illegal for gay men to MEET in order to arrange a sexual liason.

    They wouldn’t think twice about straights going out on a saturday night to various venues-hoping to meet a sexual partner there.

    1. It’s also not illegal for a newspaper to run stories on where the cruising or dogging areas in a neighbourhood are.

      Cruising in toilets is utterly unnecessary in 2012,

      Go to a sauna or on Grindr if you want to hook up.

      1. Stephe Meloy 4 Dec 2012, 3:31pm

        It’s the phrase ‘unnecessary’ which irritates me the most

        Unless you understand why people do something then you can’t actually pass any kind of informed comment on it…

        Clearly from the moral indignation in your posting you have a problem with it, but I clearly hasn’t occurred to you that other people could take exactly the same stance about gay men having sex in saunas or via Grindr…

        I thought we’d all grown up about sex already…what happened…?

  5. A large proportion of gay and bisexual men don’t have Grindr. Also- they wouldn’t be seen dead at a gay sauna!
    How do you explain that to your wife?

    What I am clarifying here is the LAW.

    It is illegal to have sex in a public toilet- it is NOT illegal to meet men for sex- however much straights would like it to be.

    Same rules for all of us please.

    1. Stephe Meloy 4 Dec 2012, 3:34pm

      And I imagine there’s a clear definition of what ‘sex’ actually means no?

      At the time of the debate, MPs were seriously considering only making it illegal to be SEEN having sex and not inside cubicles.

      There is clearly STILL enormous confusion surrounding this, and an unhealthy dose of puritanical homophobia tied up with it too

  6. I used to have friends in Ashbourne and used to visit it regularly. Nice little town. But very little happening. I wonder if the people of Ashbourne would allow a gay pub to open, so that some locals, at least, could meet there?

  7. People go in there with their kids just to use the toilet, it’s not right.

    Sorry, badly written. Just made me laugh.

  8. “reps, bikers, businessmen, married guys, straight men, and truckers”

    This newspaper sounds more like a free advert.

  9. “A worker at a nearby recycling centre told the paper: “We always see cars outside there, there are always people in there doing things. You’ll go in there and if you disturb them they will run out.”

    Did this worker explain why his place of work nearby doesn’t have it’s own toilets?

  10. Stephe Meloy 4 Dec 2012, 3:26pm

    “it would be the same if it was a man or woman up to no good. It’s a public toilet.”
    …it’s the phrase ‘up to no good’ which concerns me here

    “officers take positive action against anyone found acting in an anti-social way in the area”
    The irony for me is calling sex ‘anti-social’ when society wouldn’t actually exist without it…

  11. According to a more recent report in the same paper, this cottage might have been closed.

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