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Travel: Fort Lauderdale

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Reader comments

  1. In any publication, this would be called an advertorial, or an infomercial. How much were you paid to pass a blatant advertisement as news???
    How can you sell us a piece on a “gay destination ” as news??
    YOur network has less and less the hallmarks of a news-worthy outlet. Not content with being the mouthpiece of shallow celebrity gossip, you getting lower and lower PinkPseudoNews!!
    Yes I will still come here for news, but you have lost ALL credibility in my eyes.
    What next, are you gonna sell us underwear as News for Xmas ??

  2. As Blue said, not sure what ‘news’ this comes under! And in the same tangental way, the name ‘Fort Lauderdale’ brings to mind shocking memories of emotional abuse. The Fort Lauderdale Five were a group of men who brought the ‘Sheperding Movement’ to the UK and wrecked the lives of some of those involved in the ‘House Church Movement.’

  3. I’m okay with this type of article. It is legitimate to publish information about travel destinations since it is interesting and useful to LGBs, despite not being news. Plenty of media outlets include such “lifestyle” articles.

    Sure, it makes Pink News more attractive to some advertisers, but it is not an advertorial as long as it is not written or paid for by the businesses mentioned, and is not biased according to whether a business bought ads.

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