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Paris gay-friendly mosque denounced by Islamic leaders

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Reader comments

  1. Quelle surprise!

    1. Exactement .

  2. Red rag to a highly combustible bull?

  3. “He said: “Worshippers go to a mosque to worship god, they don’t go to demonstrate their sexuality”.”

    So why are men and women separated then, why are women at the back where they won’t distract the men, if none are going to demonstrate their sexuality. Why are the women covered from head to toe but still have to pray at the back?

    1. If you waved this (or any other) logic right in front of a heavily religious persons face it wouldn’t change their opinion. Fundamentalist belief is just that, whatever reason and logic you have is better used on sheep in a field.

      1. Baaaaahh humbug!

      2. Yes – but for centuries, atheists and agnostics haven’t DARED challenge the religious for fear of reprisals / death. I ‘believe’ we MUST challenge these archaic, nonsensical and, in my opinion, childish views at every opportunity. Otherwise they just carry on believing that theirs is the ONLY view.

  4. That There Other David 4 Dec 2012, 6:27pm

    “Worshippers go to a mosque to worship god, they don’t go to demonstrate their sexuality”

    What does he think is happening in there, a Pride Parade?

    Sometimes these religious types say such stupid things. It’s obvious what this mosque is about, it’s where gay Muslims can go and feel comfortable whilst they pray. Hardly a sauna with built in dance floor is it?

    1. Lynda Yilmaz 4 Dec 2012, 6:36pm

      The thing is, if ALL religious groups were this simple and non judgmental, a place where people who believed in God could go and be peaceful, accepted and together with their fellow worshippers, no one would have a problem with religion. Bravo to this guy. I hope he manages to keep his venue secret or else I fear for the safety of all who go there.

      1. Unfortunately they are on a hiding to nothing because their god is ant-gay and anti women. He was invented by anti gay men and misogynists and it is their game with their rules. You can’t say I will play their game by my own rules. They are deluded if they think they can be gay and moslem, not possible. It’s not that sort of religion.

        1. If the anti-gay and misogynistic muslims can invent a god in their own image, what’s stopping the pro-gay and pro-equality muslims inventing one in theirs? Why should we acknowledge only a narrow section of the people who choose “muslim” as their term of description, and afford them a unique right to recognition under that term?

          There are as many versions of islam as there are muslims, just as there are as many versions of christianity as there are christians. All of them are equally valid, because all of them are equally authentic products of human invention. If they want to play the game by different rules, why on earth should they not? Who are you, and who are the misogynists, to dictate how they play? You don’t own them or their religion, and nor do the bigots. A person’s religion can be whatever they want it to be.

          1. Actually you are wrong, there is only one islam and you succumb to it you don’t re-arrange it like the furniture.

            They can make up their own religion, people have been doing it for thousands of years, look at mormonism. It just won’t be islam.

          2. Actually, twitless, _you_ are wrong.

            Islam has no central authority. There is no “one Islam”. Just ask an Iraqi about the sectarian conflicts there.

            Aside from the well-known divide between Sunni and Shia beliefs, there are numerous smaller traditions which some consider Islam and some don’t, such as Isma’ilism and Druze.

            Your line of argument denies the validity and self-identification of all minor Islamic sects (and probably Shia too), and would make a Salafist proud. Why would you want to support such an intolerant, illiberal position? Did Allah tell you who gets to be a Muslim?

            Allah doesn’t speak to me, since I’m an atheist.

          3. Twitless is right !There is only one Islam . Please note that the rector ( – who ever he is , ! – ) of the central mosque didn’t condemn homosexuality . Perhaps he didn’t do this for two reasons : (1) Some believers are gay (2) It is Haram in Islam to say that this or that thing or behaviour is Harem . . .Only Allah is the judge . The fact that very many Muslims are homophobic and will continue to be homophobic is a matter of politics and culture . For most western people it not a comfortable religon ! . . . .But it leads to Allah who puts things right in His way . . . which is the best way !

    2. Mister Fister 5 Dec 2012, 5:39pm

      A mosque with a sauna and built in dance floor? What a good idea! At least they would have something to take their minds off preaching hate.

      1. So atalanta, tell us which of these minor sects preaches equal rights for women and gays, or aren’t they THAT different. The only thing dividing these sects is who they want to kill first and how painfully they can do it.

        I support no religion as god is a fantasy.

        Nothing I have said supports religion, quite the contrary. I am pointing out that religion will not change because 5 gay guys meet in a secret room somewhere and they are sadly deluding themselves.

        People supporting them in what they are doing, do them no favours at all.

  5. I wonder how long it will take for one of the nasty little devils to infiltrate it, find out the address and assassinate the peaceful worshipers. Sadly, I don’t see a happy ending to this story.

  6. Would someone like to remind these groups that within Europe, we allow for Equility and Diversity, if they are unhappy with this, I am sure there country of origin would welcome them back with open arms!

  7. spiritbody 4 Dec 2012, 7:15pm

    “Worshippers go to Mosque to worship God, not to demonstrate their sexuality”

    My understanding of this newly found mosque is so people can worship God in surroundings that they feel safe in, and to worship God without being told at the same time that God thinks that theres something wrong with them.
    In this sense, contradictory to what Dalil Boubaker said, this new mosque is really the first mosque where people go to fully worship God, unhindered by ideas on sexuality. The same cant be said for all the other mosques.

  8. What’s with the photo attached to the article. Typical Daily Mail journalism from Pink News.

  9. The object in the picture looks extremely beautiful.

  10. Christopher in Canada 5 Dec 2012, 4:18am

    Hmmm – where have we heard this obsession about “the TRUE faith” before?

  11. Jock S. Trap 5 Dec 2012, 9:46am

    How small minded!!

    I don’t suppose any Gay Muslim who goes there will be to “demonstrate their sexuality” but to worship…. Just like everyone else.

    I’m pretty sure ‘straight’ Muslims go to demonstrate their sexuality so why should someone just because they happen to be Gay?

    This is pathetic and yet again shows that those disgusting individuals within religion can think of nothing but sex…. or in other words…. Bloody Hypocrites!!

    That’s religion for you!

    1. Jock S. Trap 5 Dec 2012, 9:48am

      oh blimey… sorry… I means I’m pretty sure ‘straight’ Muslims Don’t go to….!!

      Mind you this is a religion that still thinks men are too superior to worship with women!

  12. I admire Mr Zahed’s bravery and I respect his right to interpret the Quran in his own way, as all religious leaders do.

    Those arguing Islam is fundamentally anti-women and anti-gay are missing the point.

    Islam is not Catholicism. It’s not an organisation. No-one owns it.

    The Quran has many statements abhorrent to me – as do all religious texts I have read. I have noticed that people of faith pick and choose within their holy texts.

    Clearly it is possible to pick and choose within the Quran to find an Islam which is not misogynistic or anti-gay, because a few LGBT and feminist Muslims are doing just that.

    The vast majority of Muslims do not recognise such beliefs as Islam. Fair enough.

    But why would I support such a fundamentalist and illiberal position? As an LGBT person, I support people’s right to define themselves.

    For me, if you believe in the Five Pillars, and say you’re a Muslim, you’re a Muslim. I may not share your faith, but I support your right to it.

  13. QUOTE: “He said: “Worshippers go to a mosque to worship god, they don’t go to demonstrate their sexuality”.
    Oh yeah? So how come women aren’t allowed to worship alonside the men? Isn’t that demonstarting sexism? Yet more confused, hypocritical nonsense from our religious friends …

  14. Hodge Podge 5 Dec 2012, 6:07pm

    This is what progress looks like.

  15. Something tells me these guys don’t like gay muslims ‘demonstrating their sexuality’ inside or outside of a mosque, full stop.
    Haroun al Raschid, the caliph who loved Abu Nuwas’ erotic poems about beautiful young men, would laugh at these repressive homophobes, probably over a cup of good wine. If they were especially irksome he would probably hang them. Sort of goes with being a hedonistic potentate. There’s more than one way of being an authoritarian muslim.

    1. Roll on the picturesque puppets ! Sharia and its Fatwas separates Religon from Allah . . . the those who follow them are no better than the Popes slaves !

  16. gary r chapman 6 Dec 2012, 5:14am

    toronto has a glbtg mosque Salaam/Unity Mosque.
    Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto has donated funds and is assisting Unity Mosque in setting up a webcast for their services.
    They are a wonderful, warm group of of people!

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