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Norway: Princess took secret India trip to care for gay palace employee’s newborn twins

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Reader comments

  1. What a generous thing to do. If that’s what a monarchy is like, perhaps the US ought to reconsider…

  2. Well done Princess. :)
    The world needs more people like this.

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 4 Dec 2012, 2:41am

    She has give her very publicly support for same-sex marriage in the house of Norwegian LGBT association in August 2005, during the parlament election campaign (it was one of issues of political discussion in Norway at the time) – what is very unusual for officially ‘apolitical’ members of royal families here in Europe.

  4. AngkorBiz 4 Dec 2012, 3:55am

    What a woman and what a Princess! Incredible job and very well done.

  5. Nivedita Writer 4 Dec 2012, 5:05am

    Homophobes and bullies need to be fined 10,000 US dollars if they commit crime against gays. All gay friendly organisations and gay friendly celebrities should come forward and ensure that the fined amount is paid. Homophobes and bullies feel that they can get away with their crimes. Those who commit crime against gays go on to commit crimes against heterosexuals too. In case of child bullies, their parents must be fined. This is because homophobic parents teach their children to hate. All parents are responsible for their child’s behaviour. Crime against gays is a loophole in the society that needs to be corrected.

  6. What a heroine! A truly remarkable woman who indeed should be the next queen of Norway. I salute you Madam.

  7. So secret it is world news. I give millions to charity but I never tell anyone.

    She did a good thing, well done. Does it make it a better thing because she is a princess? No.

    It was good like all the other good acts carried out in secret that we don’t know about.

  8. True Lady!

  9. Very good lady.

    I see that no thunderbolts from God have hit the Norwegian royal palace!

  10. Good for her – that was a kind thing for her to do,.

    But she has a diplomatic passport?


    She is the future, unelected head of state for Norway.

    Not the current head of state.

    Royalty (and that includes those no-marks Bill and Kate Windsor) have no place in a 21st century democracy.

    1. Actually, she’s only going to be married to the future, unelected head of state of Norway – her husband is the present Crown Prince (I think that adds fuel to your post).

    2. Unelected? You obviously don’t know Norway’s history. In 1905 the future Norwegian King demanded a national referendum before accepting the offer to become King, as Norway had just peacefully separated from Sweden.

      The Norwegian population elected Kingdom over Republic by massive majority. So in one sense at least Norway’s King is there through election.

  11. Jen Marcus 4 Dec 2012, 12:48pm

    She is indeed a true princess and a beautiful, grace filled human being.It would be a better world if more people were like her.

  12. Jim Nashville Tn 4 Dec 2012, 3:32pm

    bravo what a woman what a princess what a human being . she shows us all
    what we should be and what most of us arent .
    blessings and congrats to all

  13. Lovely thing to do. Well done, Princess!I like Princesses. Miss you, Di.

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