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Ireland: Gay man found guilty of attacking taxi driver

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Reader comments

  1. I know of a gay man who fed his cat this morning. Should that be a news story here?

    1. Only if it was a straight cat.

  2. First off, this article seems a little all over the place and does not read particularly well.

    Mr Byrne opened the door while the car was moving and got out.

    The accused then threw a €5 (£4) note into the cab.

    Mr Miller kicked the front passenger door, jumped across the bonnet and flattened the BMW’s sign before punching the driver’s window and door.

    The victim fell to the ground bleeding heavily and Mr Miller walked away.

    How did the accused fall to ground bleeding heavily, at what point was he taken out of the car, all I can see if that the car was kicked on the passenger door.

    Also, 7 or 8 vodkas in one night is not a lot when you consider it.

    On to the pressing matter of the assault, violence is never the way to deal with a situation and as they have been found guilty, I would hope the full extent of law is used.

    1. theGentleWarrior 4 Dec 2012, 1:33pm

      “8 vodkas in one night is not a lot” Agreed unless you’re a stereotype paddy living in a gombean country that provides free healthcare to all.
      “Mr Warrior taxes are going up.”
      but “I was going to buy that ivory backscratcher!”

      “Violence is never the way to deal with a situation”, My ARSE.

      1. Reality and I disagree with you; there is a logical and practical use for violence.

      2. Yes violence was not the best or even 2nd best option in this situation.

      3. IF, and only IF the gay man’s story is true, “I’ve had it up to hear!” defense applies, 2 hours community service, with time given for the assault of “alleged” homophobic retard. What? Teaching homophobes not to open their mouths, that’s a community service?”

      4. To stop government stealing (left-wings call this tax) my money, either for “gay sponge stud’s” new kidney or a trail for “learn your place loudmouth nobody asked you to talk homophobic while driving” driver’s rights, Violence is option #4 on my list to evade tax.

      1. Sorry? What?

      2. Now that’s what I call Blarney.

      3. Please re-post in English, sounds like a far right rant

  3. What’s the point of this article? Is there some suggestion that gay people should somehow not be subject to the same laws as everyone else – i.e. that if someone says something you don’t like, it’s still illegal to beat them?
    All this demonstrates is that some gay people – just like some straight people – need to cut back on the amount they drink if it makes them aggressive.

    1. SeamusMacBh 4 Dec 2012, 12:12pm

      A thug’s a thug, gay or straight. Just because I’m gay, I dont have the right to assault anybody who insults me.

      1. theGentleWarrior 4 Dec 2012, 1:02pm

        I’m sorry, I can only correct and draw attention to one stupid comment a day, today is not your day.

        Tomorrow’s not looking good either

  4. theGentleWarrior 4 Dec 2012, 1:00pm

    If the taxi driver did make the alleged remark, I assume the “I’ve had it up to hear defense!” is as valid as the gay panic defense in a court.

    Now I stress “if” because if you can’t tell me what remark was said that made you damage the taxi driver’s car and assault him, I must say in the most respectful profession manner possible

    “We are going to a fecking court, where they value facts and EVIDENCE, it is how much recall that matters not much you can drink you sponge, and Sponges have better water retention that you have recall. As your lawyer I must advise, we plead out the case you stupid silly pouf. Any psychic or gobsh-t will tell you ‘your day in court will be fine; it’s the AA and kidney failure on your tarot cards that you need to prioritize”

    “Oh you can take me can you, WAIT, before you do, ask yourself what offensive gay term did I say?”

  5. Lion in Winter 4 Dec 2012, 1:06pm

    Meanwhile, how many gay teens have been beaten up today by their fathers or schoolmates? How many gay men were jeered at last night as the went to a pub or disco? How many drag queens had tomatoes thrown at them?

    1. theGentleWarrior 4 Dec 2012, 1:38pm

      But the drag queen on stage that I threw tomatoes at deserved it. Bad singing, lame act and those heals did not match that DRESS! (this is intended ironically, alright)

  6. Can’t condone that reaction. But that taxi drive will never use a derogatory term for gays again in public.

    1. Paul in Brighton 4 Dec 2012, 2:40pm

      Sorry, must have missed something in the story – but what dereogatory term did the driver use?

      My understanding from reading the reports in the Irish papers was that neither of the parties could actually come up with anything the taxi driver said. There seems to be implication that something was said but in his evidence the taxi driver described something similar to a domestic going on between the two of them.

      The taxi driver is 70 years old and was left with blood pumping from his nose and quite nasty cuts.

      I don’t see violence as way of dealing with homophobia, perceived or otherwise and I hope that the accussed, Mr Miller gets banged up in Mount Joy Prison where he belongs.

      1. Christopher in Canada 4 Dec 2012, 4:13pm

        I can’t help thinking that this cabbie is now 70, and obviously is bigoted enough to comment on his passenger. He wasn’t always 70 – he was once a lot younger. Who knows what abuse he may have perpetrated against gays in the past? We have no proof and my thoughts are only supposition, but still… karma… perhaps this is the first time a gay man stood up to him. Maybe it took that much booze in order to quell the self-editing that so many gays do in order to turn the other cheek in hopes the abuse will end sooner…

        1. Paul in Brighton 4 Dec 2012, 8:30pm

          I think you’re missing the point here, Christopher.

          There’s no evidence of a comment having been made. There was an intimdation given by the defendant that some sort of slight took place, but neither part of the couple could come up with what was alleged to have actually been said.

          My understand of the story is the cabbie was upset by their drunken behaviour and particularly the defendants use of the C..t word, which he’s supposed to have kept repeating.

          No evidence of actual homophobia was offered by the defendant and I believe this is nothing more than a drunken fool kicking off in the back of a taxi.

          If you’d like to provide the evidence of what the cabbie actually done, I’d be interested to hear it.

          As for gay men sticking up to homophobes, thankfully we don’t all go round beating up 70-year-old men who are still in such an unfortunate financial position that they have to undertake this sort of thankless type of work.

        2. Not sure if Christopher in Canada is trolling or retarded.

  7. Again, you make my point for me. You cite a statement where I am gvniig my opinion of what I prefer for my own sexualty, and my seem to take my explanation some blanket statement as to why it is wrong for others. I do not feel it is wrong for others again, I stated in my original post, all entitled to their sexual pursuits. (And some are more physically flexible than others.) You reject the hemmoroids anal sex connection. I just did a search on Google, and most of the resources that turn up do not reject this connection, nor do I. Not a doctor, I base my conclusion on the numbers of partners I have had with this problem (a good many young people). There are also sorts of reasons for hemorroids, it is clearly not easily explained in a cause and effect way can be genetic, for example. But stool consistency is frequently cited as a contributor so why would anything else going in and out of there not be? The literature also mention that anal fissures can frequently be mistake

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