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Germany: Angela Merkel faces party divide over tax breaks for gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. There’s nothing like a bit of actual equality to divide christians.

    More difficult than just preaching it.

  2. I do wonder whether she will survive the election there next year?

    I don’t know much about German politics but I hope that there is a better alternative?

    1. The current government is controlled by a coalition of the CDU/CSU (Christian democrats) and the FDP (centre-right ‘libertarians’) who are both opposed, though oddly enough the foreign minister (who was also the last vice-Chancellor and the last leader of the FDP) is gay, strongly supports same-sex marriage, and went to the Netherlands to get married to his husband.

      The other parties in the Bundestag are the SPD (social-democrats), Die Linke (left-wing) and the Greens, who are all supportive. Recent polls suggest that the ruling coalition will probably lose its majority. However, Die Linke don’t get on with the SPD, so likely coalitions might be SPD+Greens+FDP or CDU/CSU+SPD.

      I don’t know if marriage is one of those areas where the Bundesrat gets a veto? The Bundesrat is weird – each state has a bloc of votes that are controlled by its government. The states are controlled by a variety of different coalitions, and often abstain if the parties in their coalition disagree.

  3. Merkels stance is disappointing.

    You would think the Germans of all cultures would be more sensitive to issues of equality.

    Bet she wouldn’t take an equivalent stance against Jewish people.

    1. She’s the leader of the Christian Democrats.

      She believes in ‘god’.

      Therefore she is a bigot.

      1. de Villiers 5 Dec 2012, 2:07pm

        That is not good logic.

  4. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 4 Dec 2012, 9:00am

    As a German Expat in the UK, I can only say I am embarrassed about Angela Merkel’s trickery. Germany is in a still stand not moving anywhere because this woman is not capable of guiding or deciding. She is the worst chancellor, Germany ever had. She only denies the rights to LGB couples for political opportunism to keep German right wingers voting for the CDU. I am very proud of the UK to be essentially more progressive on this matter then Germany.

  5. The country which persecuted gay people horribly during the most murderous war in its history is STILL discriminating against same sex couples?

    Utterly appalling.

    Germany ought to be thoroughly ashamed of itself.

  6. “An alternative motion has been drafted by such party members, which expresses “respect for those who realise their lives in a different form of partnership”, which is against discrimination and intolerance, but would reserve the tax relief for married couples.”

    But I thought neo-fascism was illegal in Germany?

  7. The existing law might be ruled unconstitutional away, sooner or later, so why don’t the ruling party help themselves out by doing the “Right” thing in advance? If not for the Left eat each other out in these years……

  8. It’s shameful that the country arguably at the centre of Europe is having an issue with this. It’s indefensible to discriminate for financial reasons. What has “sacrificing Christian values” got to do with money for Christ’s sake?

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