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Attacked Alabama lesbian Mallory Owens: I still fear for my life

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Reader comments

  1. The filthy swine who did this to her is out on bail. I’m not surprised that she fears for her life. Anyone thinking that parts of the US (the Republican, right wing, religious bits) are seething cesspits of hatred and bigotry are delusional at this point.

  2. I’ve not ready whether she is still with the girlfriend?

    If she is, she would probably be better off without her and her family in her life.

  3. Her sexuality should not have to matter in the conviction of this guy. If he has abused her before, if he went on beating her until she was that bady injured, he should be on trial for attempted murder, whether she was gay, straight or an alien.

    1. In the Matthew Shepherd Act of 2009, sexual orientation was added as a class that could lead to a “hate crime” bias (more severe sentences) as well as federal intervention if necessary.

      Given the contemptible way that the case has been handled, the “gold old boy” nonsense that has led to a minor charge and bail when he has attacked her before and is at risk of doing so again. If this is this a hate crime, her sexual orientation is relevant, and federal assistance in the legal process should follow.

      1. In previous articles and statements, she’s said that she wasn’t attacked because of her sexual preference.

  4. This story should’ve been updated before it was published. She did an exclusive interview with fox last night and said that she didn’t write that statement and that most of what was in it was false.

  5. I hope this brute goes down. The injuries to her face alone are horrific and to be beaten until unconscious says a great deal.

    There’s no mention of the girlfriend in all this. Was she around when it happened? Did she try to stop her brutal brother?

    Like some have said already’ unless she was showing absolute support for me, I’d just walk away from her.

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