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American Psychiatric Association to stop classifying transgender people as having a mental illness

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Reader comments

  1. OrtharRrith 4 Dec 2012, 4:27pm

    Shouldn’t the title read “NO longer”?

    1. No, it should read “American Psychiatric Association insists on continuing to list T people as mentally ill”.

      PN has totally misunderstood the story and is pushing very harmful misinformation.

      1. The Doctor 6 Dec 2012, 12:32pm

        then so has nearly every other media source.

  2. Skybluepink-Baphomet 4 Dec 2012, 5:11pm Julia Serano argues that DSM-V is in fact still immensely problematic thanks to Blanchard adding the Transvestic Disorder definition.

    1. And Autoandrophillia has been added too, the male equivalent of the transphobic Autogynephillia diagnosis. This is very important. Now, doctors have another excuse to deny us treatment or try and ‘cure’ us with regular old psychological therapy instead; they can just misdiagnose us as being trans for a ‘sexual fetish’. Which most of us are definitely NOT.

      1. Julian Morrison 5 Dec 2012, 12:28pm

        Also even if it was a fetish, that should count as “a hobby” not “a mental illness”.

      2. A fetish? When I was FIVE??

  3. spiritbody 4 Dec 2012, 7:21pm

    Although I wouldnt class Trans gender as an illness, its certainly mental in its origins. Mind created as a reaction to external conditions.

    1. So just like the rest of the entire human race then.

      1. Spiritbody 5 Dec 2012, 11:15am


    2. Jen Marcus 5 Dec 2012, 2:23pm

      While you are right that being transgender is not an illness but its much more than a mental condition caused by external conditions. There are biological components associated with this medical condition that are presently being researched involving genetics, endocrinology,neuro science and human embryology etc..

  4. Mister Fister 5 Dec 2012, 5:45pm

    About time too!

    1. You’ve been misled by a news source that doesn’t understand its subject.

  5. Cheryl Lynne Gebbia-Oropal 6 Dec 2012, 4:18am

    this is awesome!!!!! However I doubt it will change Social Security’s Requirement of proof of surgery for official ” gender” change! However, there is some hope for this pathetic s***hole of the industrialized, free world; Barack Obama was re-elected!!!

    1. Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services funded this utterly transphobic travesty you and PN have completely misunderstood. That means the APA has an obligation that it comply with their DHHS equality policies, which are now LGBT positive. But the DHHS have completely failed to take any action to require that, allowing a process that was started under the transphobic Bush administration with appointments (not least of psychologist Zucker, who uses reparative therapy on trans children up to age 10 at his Toronto clinic, and viciously attacks parents who accept their child’s identity, and is a subordinate of the notoriously transphobic Blanchard, as chair of the sub-committee for sex and gender conditions) and processes that would ensure this result, to continue to their inevitable conclusion.

      We are calling for them to intervene now, before the scheduled publication next year.

      They have paid to label sane, highly vulnerable, and widely persecuted people “mad”.

  6. This headline and most of the story is an absolute LIE and must be changed. The DSM is a listing of mental illnesses and the APA voted to retain listings of sex- and gender-identity differences. It is totally opposite to the the 1980 removal of homosexuality.

    We have been lobbying – including responding to every APA consultation opportunity – for removal of these fraudulent, abusive listings, but it seems gay organisations who have completely misunderstood the issues – as has PN – have lobbied in the opposite direction.

    Especially disgraceful is that the revision process is US government funded, yet – perhaps again due to that mistaken LGB lobbying – it has been allowed to go completely against the Obama administrations T-friendly equality and non-discrimination policies.

    To fund the continued official, worldwide labeling as “mad” of some of the most vulnerable and persecuted people, including children, against all clinical and human rights evidence is abuse of the highest order.

  7. Daniel Pitt 17 Dec 2012, 4:49pm

    Welcome to the twenty-first century APA, you took enough time to catch up. It’s disgusting that they took this long to realise that being transgender is as much a mental illness as having brown hair is – why was that so difficult to understand?

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