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Wife of anti-equal marriage Tory MP disagrees with his stance

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Reader comments

  1. I have already asked Henry Smith to back up the claim that religious organisations will be forced to conduct same-sex marriages. My research shows differently.

    Looking forward to his response.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2012, 3:38pm

      Believe me Jay, even that won’t be good enough for them. If Jesus Christ appeared and told them to support it, they wouldn’t. A bigot is a bigot, devolved brains, but then that’s the Tory party for you, infested with them, more than the other two parties combined. Religion is in the mix of course.

      1. If Jesus Christ turned up they would put him in the nut house. The Old Testament brigade already have the god they want.

  2. Belief in fairy tales is irrelevant when considering a mechanism of civil law. STOP pandering to nonsense.

    People may believe whatever the wish, they had no bloody right to inflict their beliefs on others. Why does that not compute? (OK, I know why, but rhetorically speaking).

  3. Isn’t it funny how men always seem to be more “anti” than women? I wonder if its because they have bizarre ideas regarding how gays have sex?

  4. The idea of denying legal rights to some people because it would be offensive to some other people is ludicrous and obscene, and the fact that an elected politician deploys such nonsense as a serious argument makes me wonder if he understands what liberal democracy actually is.
    And expressions like ‘my homosexual friends’ must always ring alarm bells.

    1. Indeed! Surely if you were an MP who had gay friends, as a friend, you would want then to have the same rights as everyone else, regardless of whether they would want to get married or not?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2012, 3:40pm

        Well, that really proves then that they really aren’t their friends. The bigot bell just rang loudly. I do wish there so called “friends” would step forward to verify his relationship with them. None will of course, because there aren’t any.

      2. i wouldn’t be friends with someone that is against me marrying, thats for sure.

    2. I don’t agree with his stance. And I don’t think he should take the letters he has received as ‘gospel’ truth of the views of his entire constituency


      I do believe in democracy, and I do belive in MPs taking a stance on an issue (instead of being spineless and sitting on the fence)

      In response, Labour Councillor Chris Oxlade expressed his surprise at Mr Smith’s decision.

      He said: “I’m genuinely surprised Henry isn’t backing the idea as he has always been an advocate for gay rights.”

      If he *has* received over 300 letters from his constituents then he is obliged, as an elected representative of those constituents, to take their opinions into account. This is how democracy is supposed to work. It rarely does so. the Labout Councillor’s view is wrong – an elected representative should *not* put his/her own views above those of the constituents they serve. If they did, the “people” would not have any kind of voice (except protest and outright rebellion)

      1. As benji mentions below, the right-wing xtians have organised letter writing campaigns.

        To the constituents of Crawley who *do* believe in equal marriage this article should be a wake-up call that they need to put pen to paper as well.

        And the same goes for anyone who hasn’t written to their MP yet!

  5. Maybe he should ask some of his ‘homosexual friends’ to speak out for him. What? Total silence?

  6. ““I think redefining the term marriage to include civil partnerships would be very offensive to people of faith.”

    Yet I’m sure you have no problem with divorce causing problems for people of faith. Nor the civil marriages of atheists; nor the civil marriages of non-virgins; nor the civil marriages of pensioners past reproductive age. So why on earth should same sex civil marriages be any different?

    Some people don’t agree with them – so? Some people of faith don’t agree with borrowing money, but I don’t see you campaigning to ban mortgages.

    We are talking about a CIVIL matter and religion should play no part in this.

  7. Henry Smith is a filthy liar and a scumbag.

    He is repeating the same tired lie as all the bigots – that equal marriage will discriminate against people of faith.

    He pretends that churches and mosques will be forced to perform same sex marriages.

    That is a blatant lie and it always has been.

    Henry Smith is clearly far too stupid to be an MP.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2012, 4:39pm

      I’m waiting for Cameron, Clegg, someone in the authority to really nail these idiots once and for all. Why do they remain so silent? Afraid to upset the religious bigots and fearful of being called ‘anti-chrisitan’, ‘abuse of religious freedom’. Grow a pair please, both of you, stand up to the bigots.

      1. Could you give an example – just one in the whole of history – when arguing with a bigot has ever shut them up? Like trolls, they feed & thrive on attention…best to preserve them for private entertainment…

  8. Christopher in Canada 3 Dec 2012, 3:01pm

    I’d hate to be one of his “gay friends”.

    1. He doesn’t have gay friends.

      As he says himself he has ‘homosexual friends’.

      Whenever someone says they have ‘homosexual friends’ it’s almost guaranteed that they are a bigot.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2012, 3:36pm

        They’re even that stupid to assume that because they have gay friends, in most cases they don’t, that it gives them a free pass to escape being labelled a bigot or a homophobe. Just because more people write to him who are opposed to equal marriage doesn’t mean that the majority are. He’s an idiot.

  9. Breaking news:
    Tory MP says his pet parrot disagrees with his stance on equal marriage:

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Dec 2012, 3:32pm

    Yet again, another bloody Tory idiot who is incapable of separating religious from civil marriage. The two are different in construct, conducted very differently.

    Why do these people keep insisting that religious denominations will be forced to perform marriages for gay couples when the intention of the new legislation is completely the opposite? In fact, will be enshrined into law? Are they that stupid?

    I personally find religious extremists offensive and in conflict with my point of view and the way I live my life, but I wouldn’t call for a ban on them, as much as I detest and in no way respect them.

  11. Then I suggest Mr Smith responds to his constituents making it clear that there is no way churches will be forced to conduct same sex marriages if they oppose the idea. It’s called telling the truth.

  12. When they say that churches will be forced to conduct marriages they know that isn’t true.

    As with some other denominations and religious groupings religion is seen as a licence to discriminate and in some cases bully, Pretty contemptible and mean spirited.

  13. Yea lets put the opinions and beliefs of Muslims above those of gay people… what the hell is this country coming to? Get a grip Mr MP.

    1. Perhaps they think that LGBT don’t pay taxes or serve in the forces?

  14. Newsflash to Henry Smith: bigots are already offended by the mere existence of gay people, they call it an “abomination”.
    The man is a joke and if his “homosexual friends” have any backbone they will seriously rethink their friendship with him. Because “seperate but equal” is inherently UNEQUAL.

    1. (typo) Newsflash for Henry Smith

  15. Surely Henry Smith must be aware of the mass letter writing campaigns promoted by the Catholic Church, C4M, & others, If he is using such letters as his excuse to be against a Bill (that he has not even seen yet) then it looks like a fig leaf to cover his own personal view.

    Why would those constituents who support his governments policy have felt the need to write to him in support, as they would naturally have assumed he supported it?

    It is very sad that this man chooses to worry about the sensitivities of a small number of mostly elderly, religious fundamentalists rather than concerning himself with building a fully inclusive society that supports and encourages stable relationships for a mnority that have been for far too long excluded and disadvantaged.

  16. Isn’t it strange that generally the Tory MPs that want the word “insult” removed from the public order act section 5 because the law shouldn’t be there to prevent people feeling offended are generally the same ones that think SSM shouldm’t be introduced because it causes offence to religious groups….

  17. “I have homosexual friends on the borough council who are in favour as well”

    I thought the official line taken by this lot was that gay people didn’t want SSM…

  18. As a devout Christian I think Mrs Henry Smith needs to learn to defer to her husbands views. The Christian understanding of marriage is that man and woman each have their own roles; it is for the husband to lead and for the wife to submit to his leadership (even if he looks like a little squirt who’s just had his head shoved down the toilet)

  19. Stephe Meloy 3 Dec 2012, 9:35pm

    …”homosexual friends” my arse!

  20. f*ck thier faith, what about mine?

  21. Paul Essex/London 3 Dec 2012, 11:20pm

    “I think redefining the term marriage to include civil partnerships would be very offensive to people of faith.”

    Really? Well I find being defined as morally wrong by people using a 2000+ year text, that’s been warped out of all recognition of it’s true context on non-heterosexuality to be highly offensive too! But I’m not about to start demanding that the practice of religion be banned, it’s a free country, you can believe what you want just don’t start declaring that others have to live by those beliefs as well – freedom from Christianity is one of the oldest teachings in the Bible.

    The fact that he uses the issue of Muslims being concerned that they will be forced to conduct SSM in their Mosques, just shows the ignorance of this man and the fact that his argument is based purely on scaremongering than genuine fact. How will Muslims be forced to conduct SSM when their religious marriage ceremony conducted in this country cannot constitute a marriage under English law?!

  22. He’s only 43 years old so he doesn’t have the excuse some of the old dinosaurs have of being from a different time etc. He’s just a nasty piece of work.

  23. Sorry, David, but I had a word with God, and he told me he’s so over the gay marriage thing. Usury’s his pet peeve this decade. He’s going to be sending plagues and hurricanes against any nation that flouts the biblical laws on charging interest…

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