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Rylan shuns TOWIE after branded a ‘douchebag’

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Reader comments

  1. Dear Pink News,
    Just because someone is gay, it does not mean they are newsworthy. The only reason you have written this article is because he’s gay, not because it’s news. Please stop.
    Thanks etc….

    1. Hear hear!

      Who gives a toss about these talent voids?

    2. I do rather warm to Rylan,even if he didn’t have much discernable singing talent — but I quite agree. This is not news. This a media talking about media story.

      What son of satan would come about by the unholy union of X Factor and TOWIE?

  2. When will the press (Pink News included) accurately report a ‘story’. “The gay former X Factor singer…..” should read “The former X Factor singer”, since when do we read “The straight former X Factor singer” in anything?

    I have no idea who Rylan is nor do I watch TOWIE, but this constant bad reporting makes my blood boil.

    The LGBT communities should be reported inclusively not exclusively. The utopian society will never be attained otherwise!

    1. if bad grammar, and in your opinion, bad reporting, makes your blood boil you should get a life luv….really there are far more important things to worry about. As for an utopian society, Utopia – An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects. Don’t hold your breath!

  3. yea and Joey has genital warts… so who gives a fuck what these people say.

  4. Hold the front page.

  5. GingerlyColors 4 Dec 2012, 6:56am

    Hold the back page.

  6. Oh I knew the news snobs would be out in strength on this one…no change there Get over yourselves, everyone loves a wee bit of celebrity gossip and seeing as Rylan is hosting a part of the Daylight show he is…however temporarily, a Celebrity. I likes Rylan and that is not a crime. LOL!!

  7. It’s all just publicity stunts for worthless twits.

  8. I live in the US and have no idea who anyone except Rylan is…and I can’t judge whether this is newsworthy…but everything I have heard about Rylan is that he is a decent, likeable person. So whoever is calling him a douchebag is, most probably, mistaken by reason of looking in a mirror while speaking.

  9. I have never watched TOWIE, though I have watched similar efforts like the Valleys to try to ascertain why they are popular.
    I do not know how to classify these shows. If they are scripted, they must hold auditions for the worst, most hopeless actors.
    If this is “reality”, I despair for my country, I really do. I just hope and pray they are never exported, or I will have to burn my passport, and hide in shame at being British.

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