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Katy Perry receives Hero award from Trevor Project and reveals the intolerance of her childhood

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Reader comments

  1. Given a big part of her fan demographic, I like that not only is she an ally, but she is also saying “however you were raised, you are NOT obliged to keep the same beliefs.”

    That she points out that religion was a negative aspect, and she made the conscious choice to disregard it in defiance of her upbringing is a powerful statement that is really quite relevant to the religious-based hatred and the stranglehold that fundamentalism has on American culture.

    Showing younger people than can let go of those things – as a role model for them – is pretty positive.

  2. riotfemme 3 Dec 2012, 3:09pm

    Such short memories. Katy Perry’s back catalogue includes a song that mocks and pillories her boyfriend, calling into question his masculinity and sexuality (UR So Gay) and another that pathetically fetishises and demeans queer women for her boyfriend’s pleasure (I Kissed a Girl). If that’s what qualifies as a straight ally then we’re doomed.

    1. oh yes doomed…
      Get over yourself those songs/videos were incredibly tongue in cheek.

      1. Tongue in cheek? Oh yes, silly me, I can see that now. And I agree, I really should get over myself, caring about homophobia when I could be bopping along mindlessly to some derivative pop nonsense with lyrics that use hilarious, tongue in cheek, playground homophobia to make people like Gaz feel all happy, validated and loved.

    2. Yeah, not to mention her derogatory use of the word tr***y, using it to describe herself as ugly. This woman is not my ally, nor the ally of the trans* community. I absolutely don’t agree with the Trevor Project’s decision here and I’m very disappointed in them. It’s dented my respect for them a lot.

  3. Christopher in Canada 3 Dec 2012, 8:18pm

    Well, in my day, (which was NOT that long ago, thank you very much!!) it was Donna Summer, Olivia Newton-John and then Laura Branigan, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Some of these great ladies stood up, one was possibly misquoted (or not – I wasn’t there) and one made her final video with drag queens. Two of them performed and gave music to the 1979 Concert for Unicef. Everything evolves. I think we live in an exciting time, when social injustices are being discussed and addressed.

  4. I think there’s always room for individuals to evolve on the issue, and become better people for it. Old bigotries are defeated by the collective evolution of millions of individuals.

  5. Paul Essex/London 3 Dec 2012, 11:05pm

    Some of her songs (I Kissed a Girl & You’re so Gay) can be interpreted in two different ways, literal or satirical. But either way, Qudos Ms Perry for your speech, very well said.

  6. So she’s not a bitch……that gets her an award? I dont think i really understand this.

  7. If you want to know how much of an ‘ally’ Katy Perry is to the LGBT community, you need only read this article:

  8. That Matt 4 Dec 2012, 2:00am

    She hasn’t always got it right. But then, isn’t that the point of the article? For many people, LGBT acceptance is a journey. So long as they get there, I’m willing to forgive them for not understanding. I love the fact that she has progressed.

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