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Gay GOP lawmaker: ‘I thought my same-sex attraction would simply go away’

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Reader comments

  1. The Republican party is all about the government needing to stay out of people’s lives.

    What a totally stupid statement, and it is totally untrue about the Republican Party. If it where true they would not be so bigoted and would welcome gays and allow marriage.

  2. What an incredibly stupid man.

    He chooses to remain in a party which openly hates him and which actively campaigns to reduce his human and civil rights?

    The Republicans are far more bigotted and extremist than the Tories.

    Their closest equivalent in the UK is the BNP.

    1. No, we in the BNP are nowwhere near as bad as the American Republican
      Party. They really are wackos on this subject but then that should come as no surprise seeing as America has a Bible Belt and we don’t.

      1. Stephe Meloy 3 Dec 2012, 9:31pm

        I fnd that really hard to believe actually

      2. Still trying to drum up support for the BNP, Steven?

        So, the BNP are against equal marriage and furthering gay rights – like the U.S Republicans, but you believe there’s no similarity?

        You’re all crazy, son.

  3. Christopher in Canada 3 Dec 2012, 2:51pm

    His “faith”??? So much for the truth setting you free… Brainwashing and entrapment is more like it!

  4. It takes a courage to be honest with yourself it takes bravery to be honest to strangers, and it takes real guts to be honest to your friends and peers. My hat is off to this guy as he has faced one of the hardest things anyone can do and has been honest. Change comes with big pushes from the outside or small pushes from within.

  5. Jim Nashville Tn 3 Dec 2012, 3:53pm

    what a total asshole . another self hating gay man . who thinks the republican party cares about him . they dont and they wont as long as men like him stay in the party
    and he didnt come out until after the election because he wanted to win and he knows very well that a gay republican has about as much of a change as winning as a snowball in hell has a change of staying frozen
    this man such be ashamed

    1. Ashamed?
      It’s you who should be ashamed. This guy did the bravest thing. You’re a wierdo!

  6. What a handsome man.

    I can respect his courage to finally come out, and I wish him well. His journey continues.

    1. Christopher in Canada 3 Dec 2012, 6:26pm

      The devil hath power
      To assume a pleasing shape.

      – Shakespeare, Hamlet, II, ii, 628

      1. Religious crap… But then Hamlet is deliberately portrayed as a most confused and troubled lad.

        1. Stephe Meloy 3 Dec 2012, 9:33pm

          It’s not religious – he’s quoting Shakespere for fcvks sake!

          Lol Richard thy name is Dawkins…

          1. Talk of devils and ghosts is not religious?

            Are you familiar at all with Hamlet, buddy?

  7. I must say- I find him VERY attractive.

    1. Focus, John, focus.

    2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 3 Dec 2012, 11:58pm

      I too… Very attractive men indeed. (And why in the conservative parties are more attractive guys than in the leftists?)

  8. If the Republican party was about staying out of people’s lives SSM would have been legalised long ago.

    Once again another example of a party that brandishes words and phrases such as “liberty” “freedom” “small government” clearly indicating that they hate the ideas they claim to stand for. Apart from the totalitarian regimes there is no party that likes to interfere in people’s lives than parties such as this. They are the 180 degree opposite to what they claim to be.

  9. Like the jews who voted for Hitler (and there were some). They weren’t one issue people either. At first.

    1. Do you seriously believe this is an appropriate analogy? Loathsome though the Republicans may be, I hardly think selective genocide is on their books, do you?

      1. How many Republicans are sending funds to the new laws in Uganda making punishable by death? Still think they don’t advocate genocide?

      2. Yes because no fascist party comes to power overnight. The National Socialists had to talk the talk to get Hitler in to power and needed support from deluded minorities to do that.

        Gay tories also vote tory because they are not single issue. The tories cannot get into power without sounding centre right.

        Do you know what is on the books of the extreme religious right that have infiltrated the republican party?

        Mr Morsi got in in Egypt by being all nicey nicey. Now suddenly they have an islamic constitution. What a surprise.

  10. I know that my homosexual attractions are wrong from many points of view – historically, anthropologically, medically, aesthetically, philosophically, religiously…. That’s why I think homosexuality always will be hold in abhorrence in common people, no matter what the law will say about it. You can pass billions law bills, but common people will always dislike homosexuals. That’s so simple!

    1. You could say the same about so many other things. Black people or Jews, for example. It’s just nonsense, however. There will always be racists/anti-semites and there will always, no doubt, be homophobes but to suggest the vast majority of people won’t enlighten themselves and their children out of this barbarism is short sighted nonsense. It just takes work. Hard work and education.

    2. Please think again, Eric. Although I agree that some religious people believe homosexuality is wrong, I don’t see the justification for the other ‘points of view’ you list there at all. Aesthetically wrong? Philosophically wrong? Historically wrong? No, I can’t see those at all.

      There will always be people who dislike or even hate anyone who is different, but that doesn’t mean those people are right.

    3. I knew you had a downer on old people and fat people, but I thought because you were young and fit you had quite a high opinion of yourself. Didn’t realise you had a downer on being gay too.

      Laws do change conditions and conditions change attitudes. Simply put, people are less anti-gay than they were. Not because they are forced to be by the law but because gay people aren’t hidden anymore. And gay people are as nice as anyone else and when people see nice gay people the lies they have been told fall away.

      That is why the religious are so worried. People are not believing their lies anymore, because they know gay people and like them.

      This is the biggest threat to their “faith” in a fantasy world.

  11. It is sad that Mike Fleck feels gay rights are but just one issue for the republican party??? The republican party needs to understand there are more than just one issue for gays including marriage rights, death benefits, EEOC etc…
    He is a very good looking guy:-)

  12. I’m trans and I’m religious. It took me a very, very long time and a lot of pain and confusion to fit those together. I have huge sympathy for this guy and if he can do anything to stop the tide of hate spewing from the fundamentalists & Republicans in the US then I wish him well.

  13. “The Pennsylvanian, who was married to a woman for almost a decade, says his Christian faith kept him from coming out for years”. Here we go again! Someone having to FIGHT their natural orientation because of religion. When are we going to learn that religion has runied the lives of millions of people by preventing them from being who they truely are? If this is what god TRUELY wants, why doesn’t he come down and tell us …? Why does he leave his dirty work to nut job pastors and priests? Could it be that … erm … he doesn’t exist and religion simply uses ‘him’ to justify their own bigotry?

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