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US: West Point Military Chapel hosts first same-sex wedding ceremony

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  1. Paul from Brighton 3 Dec 2012, 10:30am

    Can’t understand why anyone would want to get married in a Christian Chapel when no Christian Pastor/Priest/Reverend is willing to officiate?

    Isn’t this a bit like turning up for a Cruise and finding the Captain refusing to sail anywhere as he disagrees with your right to be on his ship, so instead you sit in the Port and pretend you’re underway and afterwards tell everyone what a wonderful time you had sitting in dry dock…

    1. Well, I’m only guessing here, but it could be because some people believe all chapels are the house of God, house the Holy Spirit and all that stuff, regardless of who is officiating, or what the “mortal” in charge thinks… And then from what I’m reading, this chapel had sentimental attachments as well as.

      When you consider these feelings it’s quite natural to want to marry there, and it seems they found someone to do it for them :)

    2. Or maybe they just like the ambience of the building. That is often the only reason people get married where they do.

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