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Video: The HIV Hip Hop campaign to reduce stigma and raise awareness

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Reader comments

  1. Is there anyone still unaware of H.I.V.?

    1. is that a joke?

      1. Do you know any individual or group (adults) who are unaware of H.I.V.? The problem isn’t lack of awareness it’s failure to act on that awareness? In 1978 it would be reasonable to claim you were unaware of H.I.V. but now?

        1. kill yourself

          1. I was active during the late seventies and thanks to pure luck avoided H.I.V. When I and every man and his dog became aware of H.I.V. I avoided risky behaviour. Is that radical or extreme? Does that make me some sort of fascist?

        2. you’re being pedantic: awareness cammpaigns are aimed at people with varying degrees of knowledge AND people who fail to act.

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