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Video: Sir Ian McKellen says ‘I want to get married in Middle Earth’ for same-sex marriage campaign

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Reader comments

  1. theGentleWarrior 1 Dec 2012, 11:07pm

    I just love that man

  2. Great message. Good luck NZ. We love you, Sir Ian.

  3. Oh, good on him, of course, but, oh, . . . yuck!

    There’s something slightly creepy about such an old man wittering on about wanting to get married – even though he said it as a joke!

    1. Surely age dose not mater? No matter how old you are (Well, 16+) you should be able to express your love in marriage! ^_^

    2. He is not dead. Is he not entitled to the same happiness as everyone else? What a moronic statement. Sir Ian probably does more to help our cause in one day then some pitiful scum named Eddy ever has.

    3. It is views like yours that are creepy. What sort of person are you?

      I worry that there are people walking around with thought processes like yours.

    4. Eddy, aged people get married all the time. It’s great that even in later years one can find romantic companionship. Do you object to all old people getting married or just the Gay ones. You sound rather self-loathing and incredibly shallow.

    5. You wouldnt be able to have the life you have without him. Show some respect and keep your small minded comments in your head next time.

  4. theGentleWarrior 2 Dec 2012, 3:14am

    Well from the above comment, this Eddy is clearly a f–king moron of the highest order.

    1. Fact check, Eddy, watch it again, but listen, (a challenge perhaps). McKellen did not say “want to get married”, he said “able to get married”, referring to having the right to.

    2. McKellen is not ‘creepy’.

    3. “Wittering!” Have you ever seen Ian McKellen debate or argue for gay rights. He is the most articulate man I have ever heard, he cuts right to the issue, and says more in a few sentences than most people do in a speech.

    4. Ian McKellen is to one the top three greatest gay rights campaigners of the last 50 years, not to mention his other many achievements, acting being the most obvious. Show some respect.

    And 5. I’d sooner listen to Ian McKellen perform in some bull-s–t advert marketed to day-time TV idiots than listen to Eddy the moron’s opinion of McKellen, old men, young men, or the weather.

    1. I don’t have automatic all-out respect of Ian McKellen. He is only a man. I have known him personally. I am aware of his faults. We all have faults. Yes, he has done a great deal of good since he came out back in the late 80s. I would never deny that.

      However, the headline to this article clearly states:

      “Sir Ian McKellen says ‘I want to get married in Middle-Earth’
      and directly below that statement is a picture of a very old man.

      I think the contrast between the statement and the picture is funny, in a daily-cartoon kind of way.

      1. I am glad you explained your comments, the explanation removes any doubt as to what you were saying.

        Sadly I don’t think any of the responses made about your comments were misplaced first time around.

        Now I’m convinced you are a very sad person. Because even after all those responses you still don’t get it.

        Time to just euthanise anyone over 70 in your tiny world.

  5. I’m sure James-J Walsh said “community’s”, not “communities” as quoted.

  6. I think he’s cute and sexy. I would marry him.

  7. I also would love to get married in Middle Earth. Preferrable to a lovely hunky elf like Legolas.

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