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US: Gay “conversion therapy” advocates seek injunction to halt ban in California

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Reader comments


    It’s not bleeding freedom of speech if you’re actually inflicting this ridiculous ‘therapy’ on someone! It could ruin their life! And has!

    What the bleeding hell are they playing at?!

    1. That Matt 1 Dec 2012, 3:00am

      They’re Christians; are you expecting rationality?

    2. Mark, you’ve summed up what I’m feeling about this (but with less offensive language *g*)

    3. “I See Straight People”
      When a boy fails to communicate with straight bigots who don’t know they’re homophobes, he finds he must seek the protection of the law.

  2. It is entirely appropriate to ban clinically unsupported ‘therapies’ for minors, but I would go further. I think adults should have the right to submit to ‘treatments’ of no proven value, or even demonstrable harm, but it must be legally obligatory to make the relevant evidence available to them before they consent to it.
    I suspect that would kill off a lot of it.

    1. No, unfortunately as they do now, they simply fabricate studies and “evidence” of their own.
      Every man has a right to his own beliefs but not his own facts.

  3. “conversion therapy” has already been“relegated to the dustbin of quackery, the problem is the predatory quacks, the homophobic churches and some homophobic parents still want to push it upon vulnerable gay kids.

  4. The churches seem to have a Hell of a lot of money to spend on these legal challenges. I’m sure they could afford to pay tax – or give to the poor. There’s a novel idea.

  5. Hey, perhaps NARTH and Matthew Staver could bring in George Rekers or Ryan J Muehlhauser to explain to the judge how effective their respective ex-gay therapies were (with special reference to “lifting luggage” and “cupping the patient’s balls to instill spiritual strength”)

    1. Just looked up what Lift My Luggage means (hiring a rent boy). Hilarious.

  6. They just don’t want their grooming centres closed down!!!

  7. Why stop at under 18s? It’s harmful and it causes tremendous psychological damage – adults should be protected from it as well. Ban it outright.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Dec 2012, 12:59pm

    It would be a different matter if it could be proved through legitimate, controlled studies that sexual orientation can be changed. None of them can provide guarantees of course. Therefore, they have NO case.

    Many of those so called ‘ex-gay’ ministries are scams to extract money from vulnerable people with no guarantee that the aversion therapies used actually work. It’s all about praying away the gay. The day they can prove that praying away the straight is doable, then perhaps they’ll have some credence. Until then, the ban should be implemented. If the American psychiatric and medical authorities don’t support it, then it’s good enough for everyone. Of all people, psychiatrists should know.

  9. Christopher in Canada 1 Dec 2012, 1:00pm

    It’s time to examine the whole idea of raising your own children the way you see fit as well. Are they not humans under the law with the right to an existence free of harrassment? This concept that no one is a person until age 18 -21 is outdated.

  10. Jock S. Trap 1 Dec 2012, 1:24pm

    Trying to change how a human being is born through evil, damaging and unfounded means has nothing to do with ‘privacy’ matters nor Freedom of Speech.

    This is the Christians, yet again, at their worst. They clearly prefer people kill themselves than accept who they are is just as natural as the next person.

    Maybe they should be reminded that being Gay is how we are born, being religious and bigoted is taught, therefore Not natural.

  11. Anti-equality C4M’s Anglican Mainstream website promotes links to resource material from all the major fraudulent “gay cure” outfits.

  12. Amber Thompson 1 Dec 2012, 7:34pm

    The only thing it accomplishes, is to allow Gays to be tortured, by ” ex-Gay” terrorists.

  13. Conversion Therapy kills LGBT people.

  14. Have these so called christains ever stopped to think that LGBT people are a gift from nature ? I am becoming so sick of these fakes that blame everything bad that happens in the world on gay people.

    They use the roman empire as there reason. the reason is flawed. The Roman empire did NOT fall because of LGBT people, as homosexuality was punishable by death in the later years of the empire. The real reason for the Roman Empire falling was because of the way they treated people!! (women,LGBT people,and foreigners, were treated bad by the empire)

    LGBT people bring benefit to society heres a list of things i have thought of.

    The benefit to society of LGBT people is the following
    – Less overpopulation
    – Can adopt and take care children that have no home.
    – Diversity
    -And many LGBT people in history have been shown to be more diplomatic in positions of power perhaps natures peacekeepers.
    – And last of all Love

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