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Comment: Let’s repeal the ban on home testing for HIV

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  1. You can get home testing kits in Manchester – I’ve put a link on. I did this and it was piss easy. It’s nuts if you can’t get this in the rest of the country. Manchester leading the way as usual though!

    1. Was this test provided by a GUM clinic? If not it is likely to be an illegal test which may not be accurate. If the test gave you a reading there & then it is definitely an illegal test.

      This is part of the problem at the moment, there is access to home testing kits, but they are not regulated & may not be accurate.

      If we make home testing legal & therefore regulate the tests there is more control to ensure accuracy of result.

      If the test was not supplied either by a GU clinic or Dr Thom then I would advise you to get re-tested at a GU clinic just to be 100% sure.

  2. Home testing would be a disaster. It would lead to a lot of false positives. We don’t need home testing. The only people who support home testing are the greedy drugs firms and the doctors they sponsor.

    Just say no to home testing.

    1. this article reads like a free advert for a private company –
      If more awareness and greater understanding of HIV was commonplace – then these tests would not be necessary.

      People are still too concerned about the stigma of HIV – that’s why they don’t test in a clinic!

  3. BUrdd Turrglar! 1 Dec 2012, 10:45am

    Me and my grandmother attended a ,sc-at party with an anal theme. There were HIV testing kits for sale there. They were reet popular and apparently easily sourced.

  4. Given that up to 80% of new HIV infections come from undiagnosed people increased testing will significantly reduce new infection rates.

    Any initiative that makes testing easier is to be applauded. The home sampling lits are easy to use & any positive result is given by a qualified HIV professional which means anyone testing positive can be quickly linked into care.

    Both GMFA & 56 Dean Street are now providing home sampling kits for people who would not want to go along to their local GU clinic.

    The more gay men test the less new HIV infections will occur – FACT not fiction!

  5. there is a differenece between home sampling and home testing kits. whist home sampling is a good idea , i do not agree with home testing due to false negatives, people testing and not being prepared for a positive result and people being pressured by friends and family to test. Having worked in a GUM I know how devistating receiving a positive result can be if your not well informed or supported.

  6. No doubt another paid-up pharma shill jumping on the call to mass testing bandwagon.

    If these people were sincere about helping our community, they would be flagging up mass testing first and foremost as a means to identifying positive people who risk progressing to full-blown AIDS within ten years, but strange how that fact is never mentioned.

    Instead we’re being brainwashed and scared into believing that a quarter of people with HIV don’t know it with estimates conflicting ridiculously between 8,100 and 25,000!

    The only saving grave of the GAY testing day jamboree is that it found only 1 in 100 f those tested to be positive, so hopefully those wishful estimates on the part of the profit-motivated HIV industry will finally be put to bed and those thousands of packs of unneeded HIV medications can just gather up dust.

  7. Is Rachel Carrell – “CEO of DrThom, the remote healthcare service” – just another paid-up shill for the pharma lobby?

    If these profit-motivated people were genuinely sincere about identifying undiagnosed pos people, they would be flagging up the fact that they were in it to save the lives of those who, without medication, will likely be at death’s door in 10 years time.

    Instead they use the ruse that such people risk passing HIV to you and I, and further attempt to scare us into testing by claiming that anything from 8100 to 25,000 people have HIV and don’t know it.

    Home testing packs is a new low in their absolute desperation to identify new seroconverts to medicate.

    The saving grace of GAY’s testing day revealed just 1 in 100 of those tested to be pos, so clearly the stats are lying and the HIV industry needs to face up to the fact that HIV is not rampant in the UK, and that the tens of thousands of packs of HIV drugs designated for us are unneeded and can just gather up dust.

    1. First point – this is a home sampling kit – not a home testing kit, there is a big difference, particularly as home testing kits are illegal in the UK.

      Second point – you are confusing the undiagnosed estimates the range is not as you present it. The estimate for MSM is 8100 and the estimate for all population groups is 22,000 therefore your assertion that scare tactics are being used are rather off the mark in my view. The numbers of undiagnosed MSM by the latest HPA as at 2011 is an estimate of 1 in 5, so yes the risk has reduced a little, but it is still very much there, particularly in hotspots such as London, Manchester, Brighton etc.

      Home sampling provides another alternative for those who find it difficult to attend a traditional clinic setting – again I really do not understand why you are so critical of outreach testing (GAY) & now home sampling – what is the reluctance to test all about – it prevents people becoming unwell & saves money in the long run.

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