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US: Teacher suspended for letting student play pro-gay equality song to class

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  1. this is so sad especially as, for me anyway, the arts are somewhere where i can be whoever i want and don’t have to worry about prejudice i only wish it was the same for everyone

    1. Cardinal Capone 30 Nov 2012, 11:33am

      Not in Michigan apparently

  2. It is a sad state of affairs this and reminds us also what sorry state the US is in with all the various laws each state has. At the same time it also reminds me all fuss when ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ came out years ago

  3. I can’t WAIT for the ACLU to sink their teeth into that principal!

  4. I can’t believe that the most powerful country in the world has such dreadful civil liberty laws decided on a state by state basis.

  5. Email the superintendent Bill Pearson ( and tell him to give her her job back – he has posted to the school’s web site and is defending her suspension.

    Email David Phillips ( the principal and tell him the same thing – the school should apologize, end the suspension, pay her for lost wages and review its policy of administration approval for taped learning materials.

  6. Yes, it sucks. But not surprising when you consider: 35-45% of the population got behind a fricking holy war on fundamentalist Islam not long ago… That puts them about on the social diversity/maturity level of the Catholic Church c. 1300-1500.

  7. I hope the ACLU are merciless with these foul degenerates passing as Americans.

  8. Ridiculous over-reaction. And the children aren’t pre-schoolers, they’re 13 and 14!

    How pathetic some of the students must be to complain about the message of tolerance. That’s just spiteful tale-telling. If they had anything they wanted to say about the song, they could have said it in class with the teachers permission and maybe had an educational and enlightening discussion, and thought about how ostracising LGBT people leads to bullying.

    Presumably, the Principal bans all kinds of things then – songs about unmarried mothers, songs about divorce, books and science by LGBT people?? I can’t believe someone who’s supposed to be educated and facilitating the education of the next generation would do this. Is he a christian?

    1. Is he christian?(lol)

  9. These kids are old enough to deal with the real issues of sex and gender. Too me,this sounds like a violation of the the teacher’s and song pro-offering student’s US Constitution First Amendment Rights of Free Speech. The only one who should be suspended here is the apparent “Bible Thumping” principal.

    1. My students (same age group) used to sit before/after in class or strolled around campus and discussed: dating, sex, gays, abortions, murders, drive-by’s, parents/family/friends in jail, gangs, porno videos, and more… Then once class began, I was “supposed” to pretend they were nothing but naive innocents who couldn’t be exposed to anything “controversial”. Give me a break! This case is that of a principal who’s out for a promotion.

  10. Michael Walsh 29 Nov 2012, 11:35pm

    First Amendment, anyone?

    The Principal should be removed – demonstrably unable to make rational decisions and this is worrying, to say the least, in a leadership role.

  11. Daniel Pitt 30 Nov 2012, 1:55am

    It’s sickening that a message of tolerance and understanding is being undermined by authoritities in this age, even more ridiculous that Michigan actually OUTLAWED anal sex to appease the stupid. Seems like Obama’s message that you can achieve anything in America only applies to heteros after all…

  12. Christopher In Canada 30 Nov 2012, 4:06am

    Again, RIGHT NEXT DOOR in Ontario, gays get married. The Detroit River is only a mile wide – but it might as well be a thousand.

  13. A message in favour of tolerance is considered an offence. Really, sometimes one despairs of the USA, it seems in so many places people are trying to emulate Saudi or Pakistan, countries they’re suppposed to be ideologically opposed to.

  14. Michigan? Is that in Iran?

  15. I hear bible quotes here somewhere in the background.

    Suspension without pay is outrageous. If it is pending an investigation it should be on full pay.

    I hope she gets to sue the pants off them.

  16. That is disgusting.

    What kind of message does this send to the kids? It shows them that it is OK to disrespectful to others, that’s what.

    I wish the teacher luck and she certainly sounds like the kind of teacher that this world needs more of!

  17. Goona be a lot of egg on faces very soon

  18. This school is like a concentration camp. Apparently a form must be filled in and permission sought before any media is played in class. Teachers here aren’t allowed any initiative themselves.
    This has become a big story. Hopefully some good will come from it.

  19. Before taking his decision, the director would have been more inspired to listened to this peaceful and wise song. And he would have seen how harmful and subversive this song is. No more comment from me.

  20. That is really quite astonishing.

  21. Maybe it was due the children being 13 and 14 yr olds… If so a disciplinary hearing should have been the case Not suspension.

    1. I don’t see the case for a disciplinary hearing either. The song is hopeful and loving, about being Gay and containing no sexual references.
      Video is here

    2. Thanks for that link, Cal. Yes, the song isn’t at all offensive and gets its message across really well.

    3. 13 and 14 year olds aren’t babies, Marc. I’m sure they know a lot about ‘adult’ things already and nothing in this song was offensive or sexual. It’s a message of love and tolerance – and thus completely appropriate for that age group.

  22. I can discern no legal basis for the outrageous treatment of this teacher.
    It is the management who should be suspended or dismissed.

  23. It seems to be obligatory to hate in America – land of the free – clearly not.
    I feel bad for the teacher in this instance but worse for the kids who got the worst message of all _ “HATE is a good and righteous thing!” it s what their principle believes in anyway.
    Wonder if they will be burning books in the playground?
    Banning mixed raced classes or revoking women’s lib!
    Backwards cowardly ignorant – fill the rest in yourself.
    God save America – from themselves.

  24. The US is still living in the dark ages. Religion is dying fast here in the UK, but in the US, far too many people still believe in fantasy. Perhaps if they had an NHS the anti-psychotics would help most of them forget their delusions.

    Glad to say here in the UK, when we had to do presentations in college, we could do whatever we liked and there were lots of gay awareness and various other political and human rights awareness presentations.

  25. MerlynHerne 30 Nov 2012, 10:34pm

    I originally come from Michigan and intolerance like this is why I left that hellhole thirty years ago. Apparently there is some public pushback over what has been done to this woman, so there are reasonable people there–just not enough of them.

  26. why this women did nothing wrong, if this happened in the UK there would be outrage, hope this woman gets her job back, or she moves to a much more tolerant state that have pro-gay laws.

  27. douglas in canada 1 Dec 2012, 4:48pm

    “After a student disagreed with the message of tolerance, they went to the principal who immediately suspended the teacher without pay.”

    What else can a student complain to the principal about and get immediate reaction? too much homework? didn’t let me sit next to my best friend? made me sit next to someone i didn’t like? teacher wore clothes that weren’t in style [according to me]?

    Hopefully, there will be students who can complain about too much bible-idiocy and get a similar response.

    It didn’t even sound as if the principal did much thinking between hearing the complaint and issuing his decision.

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