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California representative calls on US Congress to ban gay ‘cure’ treatments for kids

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Reader comments

  1. This is long overdue but I fear an uphill battle against the right wing homophobes within the US senate and congress. These conversion therapy’s are psychological torture pure and simple. In the US it is okay to treat kids worse than an enemy combatant. Kudos to Ms Speier for trying! I hope she succeeds but one of the biggest problems is that in the US kids are legally property. Parents have a right to send them to these inhuman places where some kids face physical as well as mental torture. They should be shut down under federally mandated law and the people who run these places sent to the federal pen for 30 years. They can share a cell and get VERY friendly with Bubbha!

    1. OOps excuse some of the spelling but I hit publish before I read it properly :P

  2. I really hope this practice is stopped. Even the few that accept homosexuality can’t be “cured” still preach abstinence and guilt. It’s torture by anyone’s definition. I wish those poor victims knew it’s ok to be happy.

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