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Barack Obama: ‘An AIDS free generation is within sight’

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  1. More hot air from the most ineffective and ineffectual US president in decades.

    Oh well, at least reassuring to see confirmed that the mass call to testing on the grounds that it is (allegedly) the most effective current form of HIV prevention is a global one driven by the need to appease big pharma shareholders who demand ever bigger sales of HIV-related drugs.

    As more and more people are now pointing to the HIV testing elephant in the room:- if the level of undiagnosed HIV people is really as high as we are being led to believe, then why are they not crowding out NHS wards and dying en masse?

    Clearly the wifull failure of HIV charities globally to stem the worldwide spread of HIV has not failed as spectacularly as planned for and nowhere near as many people who were predicted to be infected by 2012 have been, so enter mass testing as a blatant ruse to boost drugs sales.

    When gay men are being urged to test above always donning condoms, you know the cat is out of the bag…

  2. Presumably this headline should read “in the US”.

    Can’t see this happening in Africa. They are going backwards.

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