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Wales: Footballer fined £500 for anti-gay Tom Daley tweet

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Reader comments

  1. Is that it? If the comment made was about race, he would have been fined a hell of a lot more!

  2. ‘According to a club statement released at the time, Mr Thomas had been the victim of a “prank”’ where have I heard that before? Oh yes, from pretty much every homophobic tweet story.

  3. Sack the b**gg*r!

  4. “If there is any consolation for finishing fourth at least Daley and Waterfield can go and bum each other.

    Strange train of thought for a straight man?

  5. £500 for a footballer? Perlease! They might as well have given him a pat on the back and a lolly.

  6. I bet he’s jealous because Tom is much better looking than him.

  7. hateful people only need one person to share that hate. twatter multiplies that 100-fold. £500 and one match doesn’t nearly cover the hurt caused to daley and waterfield. maybe when it’s port talbot’s turn in the spotlight of an over-expecting nation, mr thomas could attempt such great feats of human ability. to come fourth is to have tried their damnedest, to hash tag teamHIV is to swim around the microbial soup of a supposed machismo then blame it on the big boy who ran away. spineless coward. it only takes a dick to be a man, anything else is the fetid bravado of yesterday’s man.

  8. Seems a common trait these days… Footballer… Twitter/other social site… anti-gay abuse… fined.

    Oh and then the cry the perpetrator had his account hacked.

  9. If this had been a racist tweet the fine would have been heavier, why less when homophobic?

  10. it’s the ‘#teamHIV’ part I find most offensive. If Daniel Thomas thinks he won’t get HIV from banging all those slutty whores he picks up, he’s not just a homophobe, he’s an idiot!

  11. Don Harrison 6 Dec 2012, 12:35am

    Only £500, that is a disgrace.

  12. Slightlyamused 10 Apr 2013, 2:31pm

    I suspect that he is just jealous that Tom isn’t sleeping with him.

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