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Video: Homophobic preacher encounters a male stripping protester

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Reader comments

  1. This man deserves to be a victim of a campus shooting.

    1. How would that make us any safer? Violence is never the answer

      1. Indeed, I like the idea of people stripping better ^^ An unusual but effective tactic!

    2. That’s a good idea…shoot some poor innocent protester…
      Now how did he hurt anyone? He wasn’t being violent…
      Why are you suggesting he be shot? You must be really
      offended by nudity?

    3. Halleluyah, brother, the true Christian spirit. If someone disagrees with you, kill them!

  2. I think that preacher is why there are so many lesbians … i mean i would turn straight if i had to wake up next to that everyday.

    1. Well said. Though the stripper might turn me back again :-)

    2. well said, sorry clicked on down instead of up

  3. That was awesome!

  4. Spanner1960 28 Nov 2012, 4:26am

    That brought a smile to my face.

    I think if Jesus were alive today, he’d have probably grinned as well.

    1. billywingartenson 28 Nov 2012, 6:16am

      jesus never married and same re his 12 diciples.

      BTW Saul (Paul) also described how he had a terrible ailment but never said anything about the symptoms.

      He he

  5. billywingartenson 28 Nov 2012, 6:14am

    he prob cummed in his pants when seeing a shirtless hot guy.

    1. Give it a couple of years and he’ll probably feature on here… always assuming he has enough cash for the rent boy

  6. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 28 Nov 2012, 8:36am

    The male stripper was funny and a good well planned protest I must say!

    I am sick and tired of these “Jesus this and Jesus that” and “god will punish you for your gay sins remark” preachers getting in my way between classes in the good old University days!

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 28 Nov 2012, 8:39am

    The reason why women turn lesbian is because they see one look at this preacher and recognise him from a news broadcast on TV being arrested for public sex with a male in a male public toilet and pick up men’s luggage!

    1. “The reason why women turn lesbian”??

      Really, Gay Activist Paul Mitchell? Statements like this are probably why we’ve neither heard of you, nor your work. Dumb pr ick.

      1. Gay Sctivist Paul Mitchell 28 Nov 2012, 12:02pm

        It was a small joke JohnS. I am a gay man and gay men and lesbians are BORN that way!

        I was just showing that bigots always eventually get caught with their hands down their pants of another mans luggage in a public toilet while voting against LGBT-friendly legislation in the Parliament, Legislature or Congress – for example former Senator Larry Craig!

        I am a gay rights and gay marriage activist and advocate in Australia, New South Wales in a small country mining town called Parkes. Here in Australia most Australians about 66% SUPPORT marriage equality and our Government is a complete embarrassment, behind the times, a complete sham and full of bigoted politicians who care more about their pension and political point-scoring on stuff from 20 years ago, than simple day to day equality for gay men like me who pay taxes and should have a right to have a husband!

        That is why I became a gay activist – because I am sick and tired of being treated like a third class citizen!

        1. Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you someone gay, in denial

          1. Spanner1960 28 Nov 2012, 6:16pm

            That is something of a myth.
            I know quite a few homophobes that are as straight as a dye.

          2. ‘Straight as a dye‘? Heh – Woodland Brown, perhaps?

            (I agree that all homophobes are not closet cases BTW, especially when religion is brought into the equation.)

        2. I think JohnS has missed the irony of your post?

  8. I’m LOVING the stripper guys style….such a great effective and peaceful protest. Well done that man!

  9. I had to chuckle at the women who shouted that she was turned on by the stripper.

    Also, Micah, looks like he should he herding sheep in the alps!

    1. By the looks of him… I think somehow he’d be doing a little more with
      the sheep, then just herding them…!

      1. DJ Sheepiesheep 28 Nov 2012, 11:51am

        No, we wouldn’t let him!

  10. Haha in your face hater. The the guy who stripped is officially awesome

  11. Oh, my word…

    I’ll start a rant myself, if attracts guys like our hunky stripper friend! :) Where’s my bible and soapbox?

  12. Goodness, he did lose his train of thought, didn’t he. Little hot under the collar are we, Vicar?
    More protesting strippers, please!

  13. That is hilarious – what a superbly effective way to derail even further the idiocies these hellfire-and-brimstone “preachers” who’re obsessed with sex come up with.

    Having said that, the ranter in question seems to have a fainter-than-usual acquaintance with logic.

    1. Yeah, if only we all had the gumption to respond like that! It’d at least bring a smile to people’s faces.

      1. Agreed, but my days of feeling comfortable with such a display have been lost in the mists of flab.

  14. Hilarious, but as a side note: I’d just like to say that it is absolutely disgraceful that this man is allowed to preach his intolerance on campus. I’m a student at ECU way down under in Aus, and if he pulled that kind of crap here he would be escorted of university grounds by campus security.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Nov 2012, 12:20pm

    Karl Marx once said that religion is the opiate of the people. I totally agree. It comes in varying degrees of addiction, some acute (bordering on mental illness) as in this case and some milder and in very few exceptions, some are harmless. This is America’s equivalent to Stephen Green. Labotomies should be mandatory for these very sick people.

  16. Suddenly Last Bummer 28 Nov 2012, 12:52pm

    That preacher is a bit ‘special needs’.

  17. Have you ever seen anyone SO uncomfortable at the sight of a naked man? Could it be because this guy has issues about his own sexuality? Why else would he be bothered? If more people understood WHY homophobes get so worked up about the bedroom behaviour of others, maybe the homophobes would think very carefully before ‘outing’ themselves.

  18. You can’t say “homophobic”. Associated Press reported this story. It doesn’t exist in their world.

  19. Christopher in Canada 28 Nov 2012, 2:17pm

    Wow – if this is what it takes to get a gorgeous man to get naked and laying on the ground at my feet…!

  20. As a male I think the stripper would make me stay gay, he’s hot!

  21. ” This is why there ARE so many lesbians” ARE, ARE! LesbianS, the plural takes the “S” therefore it is ARE and not like Brother Micah said “This is why there IS so many lesbians”

    I mean it is one thing being homophobic but murdering the English language is unforgivable! ;-)

    1. I don’t think ‘Brother’ Micah is the sort of person to concern himself with grammar, the ‘sins of the flesh’ are far more his sort of thing, I’d guess.

  22. Robert Brown 2 Dec 2012, 7:38pm

    The stripper forgot to remove a piece of his clothing . . .

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