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Malta: Politician with controversial equalities record appointed EU health commissioner

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Reader comments

  1. I am surprised by this and more than a little worried by his appointment.

    However, perhaps we should really wait and see what he does now he has the position.

  2. Another Roman Catholic suffering from a mental illness and, therefore, totally unsuitable for this position.

  3. Political appeasement outweighs basic morality once again. It’s annoying that these people are consistently rewarded by the EU.

  4. Giving a Roman catholic the power to decide things about Stem Cell research… The people who have put this guy in his position are really thick.

  5. Why would an anti-gay politician take on the role in charge of STDs and Abortion in the first place, unless he had an agenda?

    The EU is failing Gays,. Time to break it up!

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