Conservative MP David Evennett, who represents the south east London constituency of Bexleyheath and Crayford, says he won’t be voting for equal marriage.

Mr Evennett, a former high school teacher and marine insurance broker, told the Bexley Times: “I’m a strong supporter of traditional marriage and I won’t be voting for any changes in the structure”.

He added: “I’ll be releasing a more in-depth statement when the bill is published.”

According to the paper, Mr Evennett is one of more than a hundred Tory MPs who have written to constituents indicating their opposition to the government’s marriage reforms.

Responding to Mr Evernett’s comments gay Bexley Councillor Stefano Borella said: “It’s an absolute disgrace in the 21st century. Every relationship should be welcomed irrespective of sexuality.

“These views are outdated and have no place in modern society. I was delighted with David Cameron’s stance on the issue but I don’t see why MPs want to vote against it and it sends the wrong message.

“The idea that a child being brought up in a gay marriage will become gay is ridiculous. I was brought up in a straight marriage and I’m gay.”