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Future of New Hampshire’s first elected transgender representative uncertain

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Reader comments

  1. Another Hannah 29 Nov 2012, 2:01pm

    What the? Why did she become a candidate and elected? Are there no checks? Thing is she has trashed the reputation of trans. people that little bit more! I’m sympathetic to crime committed that has some root in gender dyphoria, but how does slashing tyres fit that?

    1. Well said Hannah! I was somewhat confused because the sub-edit of this item slanted the piece to the idea that it was Ms Laughton’s transgender status that was the problem leading to potential resignation; it was actually basic criminality! Where were the checks, or did the party concerned rush into a nomination for office because of the sexual component here?

      1. David Myers 30 Nov 2012, 6:58am

        Are you kidding? “Did the party concerned (Democrats) rush into a nomination for office becasuse of the sexual component there?” Like they thought that having a trans person for a candidate would make for an easier win? Come-on. Obviously she was nominated because she appeared to be a good candidate in spite of the opposition her trans status would inspire from haters. She should get her parole cleared up, continue to be an active political activist and if her state permits it run for office in the future as an open and honest candidate.

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