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Alabama attack not due to homophobia says lesbian victim

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Reader comments

  1. Travis Hawkins’ attorney said: “people have taken this and overreacted, making it something it’s not.”

    He fractured her skull in several places, her jaw, and beat her face to a pulpy, bruised mess. And he thinks people are over-reacting?

    1. That’s exactly what I was going to say. So this ISN’T a pointlessly violent act??

      1. Either violence is always pointless or sometimes/most of the time, pointless. If it’s the latter, maybe in this case there was a point. We just don’t know. In any case it wasn’t because she is gay (which is always pointless), as she claims herself.

    2. That’s exactly what I was going to say too. How in the world is it possible to ‘over-react’ to something like this?

  2. Renee Olson 28 Nov 2012, 10:48am

    There is never any reason to do this to another living thing.

  3. By “over reacted” he clearly means the LGBT press and the immediate band wagon of “hate crime” cries that follow.
    I’m the first to scream and shout about hate crimes and I fight them every day, but this was a girl who was beaten. For reasons unknown just yet. But, because she was an out Lesbian, the press immediately state her orientation in the article which then ALWAYS leads to the “hate crime” and “clear homophobia” cries.
    We’ve become a knee-jerk society. Reacting too quickly and often over-reacting to things without all of the evidence in front of us.

    YES. Hate crime and homophobia are RIFE in certain parts of the world and should be challenged at every opportunity, but did you really think it was a homophobic attack?? After all, they were at a Thanksgiving FAMILY meal… I hardly think they’d have a homophobe there at the dinner table. Especially as her family obviously accept her and her partner…

    Think people. THINK.

    1. You think Lee. Being at a family meal does not automatically mean one’s family are not homophobic, or that there won’t be any homophobes there.

      Your patronising attitude is not helpful.

    2. “often over-reacting to things without all of the evidence in front of us”

      Are you suggesting that in some way this was deserved? Violence like this can never be justified.

      1. But the victim herself has said she doesn’t think it was anything to do with sexual orientation.
        So to pursue it as a hate crime just makes the entire LGBT community look bad.
        Just because a hetero hits a homo doesn’t mean it’s because they hate the gays.
        It’s the whiny little b*tch/hissy fit mentality that makes it so difficult to be taken seriously – it’s like being that whiny little kid at school that hits you, then runs to tell teacher when you hit them back.
        …See what I’m saying yet?
        If the people involved are saying they know why it happened (although do note the girlfriend/sister said she wasn’t excusing it) and it was nothing to do with sexual orientation, then it’s NOT a hate crime, so anyone suggesting it be prosecuted as such should stfu. Because they are wrong.

        1. I’m not suggesting it should be pursued as a hate crime if it is not. My point is that the strongest possible reaction there is should be the only acceptable reaction. To beat another human to a pulp in this manner is absolutely unacceptable and there is no such thing as an ‘over-reaction’ when someone, for whatever reason, has decided to smash someone else up to the point they need surgery to repair their face.

          Also, anyone suggesting anyone else ‘stfu’ automatically loses the argument, Sinead. Because it shows them up for being simple-minded and unable to enter into a debate without getting all defensive.

        2. Terry Stewart 28 Nov 2012, 3:26pm

          “It’s the whiny little b*tch/hissy fit mentality”. This is the language we have to deal with, during a serious discussion about violence against women.

          The whole thing disgusts me. Sinead you need to grow up a little more. It is a Hate crime, its domestic violence at a horrible level incase you hadnt noticed.

          1. I see. So the fact it disgusts you is more important than facts. Your decision that the state of the persons involved is less important than your desire to see a woman defended beyond the letter of the law because she’s somehow NOT capable of understanding her own behavior or those of her attacker.As Stephen Fry stated, what you’re pushing is a whine. And to all of them I say “So what.” You’re two paragraphs of nonsense completely discounts what she may have done, and KNOWS she did to bring this on. Discounts that she, as an adult, is responsible for her own behavior and is now trying to make sure that she shoulders some of what happened, as well as the fact that she, unlike you, knows when to put on her Big Girl Pants. I’m surmising the reason she is saying what she is saying is because it will come to light that she instigated this by either verbal, physical, or a combination of the 2 with the man who beat her senseless. Male=/=Evil, Female=/=Innocent. Grow up, Terry.

          2. Sean, you odious toss pot. What disgusts me is that you think that somehow she deserved this, nay, brought it on herself, because of some misdemeanor. Wtf?? Do you really think what happened to her is ok? Defensible?

            May every person on the planet, who may at some point mistakenly thought you worthy of their affections, know form this point on what a nasty little person you are.

        3. I have to agree with Sinead here. Granted the wording is awful, but seriously, it’s not a hate crime, beating of women should be taken seriously with punishment to answer the crime regardless of reasoning, and I have to agree that jumping to a conclusion of “homophobic attack” is counterproductive. We don’t say every person who beats up a woman “hates women”. Likewise here. Yes it’s true it happens a lot. And that’s disgusting. But let’s try to feel for the person first, and the cause later when you find out all the facts from both sides. **and please note before you jump down my throat, I am in no way diminishing what happened to her, or that there are a lot of people who are beaten because of their sexuality**

    3. Her mother was concerned about her going there for Thanksgiving dinner because he had already beaten her twice before because of her sexuality. I’m curious to hear what the “real reason” was for the beating, but somehow I don’t think it will make a difference. This family clearly has problems – The brother was previously shot by his father. Hate crime or no intervention is needed urgently!

      1. this is all evidence of a perfectly normal, functional family… in Mobile. in Mobile, Alabama. This is what these people are like. The sane ones have all moved away.

    4. Christmas day has one of the highest rates of family argument and violence of any day in the calendar.

      I assume Thanksgiving is similar for the same reason. Family members who actually don’t get on being pressurised to be happy.

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