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445,000 people urge Citibank and Barclays to condemn Uganda’s anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. So-lets get this right- Barclays condemns Stonewall for its “Bigot of the Yaer” award-whilst at the same time-supporting a regime that executes homosexuals? Theres something wrong somewhere!

  2. Petition was at 453,720 just now when i signed it. It took 5 seconds. Please do it. Money talks.

  3. These are banks – they care about money.

    Human rights are never high on a corporation’s agenda (ask Shell in Nigeria.)

    1. Realistically, with that amount of investment in the country they have more to lose by condemning the law and upsetting the locals. They would be marked out as a foreign intruder and their property probably attacked.

      It would be a bit different if they had been about to invest hundreds of millions and could reverse that decision. They would then have some leverage.

  4. Sorry to say but as an ex Senior Manager for Barclays, they don’t really give a toss about gays. White middle class men rule. I was told so in the same sentence that told me. That I don’t fit it. Sorry to say but Barclays will do everything it can for good publicity. So if it thinks bigot awards are bad it’s against it, if countries have issues with gays it will only follow suit once other companies have led the way. Promise u. From an ex internal point of view, other companies lead the way on social rights.

    1. So maybe we should nominate Barclays as Hypocritical Bigots of the Year.

      There are not many companies who are doing the right thing out of conviction. There always has to be something in it for them. Avoiding bad reputation is the least rewarding and is the last option.

  5. I fear this bill will become law. It is just so obscene that after all the international attention they could still enact it. If you wanna help and are on Facebook check out the Sexual Minorities Uganda page SMUG for short …

  6. signed. democracy in action and i’ll eat my undies! all the banks care about is market share. all the ugandan lawmakers care about is their stature in front a suppose supreme gawd; and if it ain’t gawdly, it ain’t in. let’s face facts, pressure is only pressure when the tax-payer-bailed banks want something of the govt – it never works in reverse. as stevie said above, white middle-class men rule, the rest are just vault-fillers.

  7. Not only customers have to be concerned – workers too – there are gay employees of Barclays/Absa who by their job definition have to travel to these countries and lead people. I would be interested to see if Barclays policy of non-discrimination extends to employees in Uganda i.e. if they stop co-operating with foreign staff because of their sexuality can they be fired?

  8. GingerlyColors 29 Nov 2012, 6:59am

    Some of us may remember the student Boycott of Barclays when they did business with Apartheid South Africa. I wonder if bankers give two hoots about human rights while they maximise their bonuses and bankrupt whole countries in the process. If Barclays and Citibank want to have interests in Uganda they will do well to bankrupt that hole of a country and Uganda need not come crawling to us for a bail-out.

  9. John Robertson 29 Nov 2012, 12:42pm

    EU tariff against Uganda could do the trick. I’ve witten to my MEPs via asking for this and zero reply on tariffs. Great replies on aid from MEP Marina Yannakoudakis and MEP Syed Kamall (I’m in a conservative area) but nothing at all on tariffs. At the moment countries without the costs of a welfare state, human rights and good government get unfair free access to the european market in the hope that they will develop. In other words we are giving them cheap access to the european market because their country is run by macho biggots. Good policy? Ask your MEP.

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