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US: Drag queen cruise ship bans customers from wearing drag costumes

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Reader comments

  1. The New(ish) Puritanism strikes again.
    What utter nonsense.

  2. Remember that time when a load of drag queens flew planes into the world trade centers? #Post911Hangover

  3. casparthegood 27 Nov 2012, 8:07pm

    Family friendly ? Aye right just give us the money and shut up more like

  4. Sometimes I wonder what kind of education the PR people of some companies have

  5. Gary edwards 27 Nov 2012, 8:16pm

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with that policy apart from its worded wrong. It should have said that the company has a no costume policy for its passengers at night, rather than it being for family policy.

    1. I’d say it’s the biological-gender specific clothing they are forcing their trans customers to wear are the costumes. The whole point of gender dysphoria is that when people “drag up” or crosssdress they’re actually taking off the costume. I dislike the implication Carnival are making with their statement.

      1. Can’t you read? The spokesperson specifically says the rule doesn’t apply to trans guests. Talk about looking to take offence!

        1. I didn’t notice that part. At what point is the line drawn though? It doesn’t address the fact that Carnival consider dressing in drag to be non-family friendly.

  6. bearshaped 27 Nov 2012, 8:22pm

    All people should be free to wear whatever apparel they want. I find this attitude rediculous.

  7. It might not be homophobic but it strikes me as being transphobic. Basically, they are saying anyone pre-op is not welcome!

    1. I’m a non-op trans woman and I have no idea how you got that conclusion from this. It sounds like you’re confusing someone dressing in drag (which they banned) with a trans woman who does not have or will not have surgery (not banned). They are entirely different things.

      Note I’m not defending their bizarre decision, just clarifying what they actually did according to this report.

  8. Everyone should be allowed to dress (drag or whatever) they want all time and everywhere. And why is ‘drag’ not “family friendly”? I’m not keen on wearing drag myself, but would feel uncomfortable to be in an area where this was forbidden. yikes!

    1. Cardinal Capone 27 Nov 2012, 10:51pm

      Maybe pantomimes are banned to minors in the US!

  9. “Your right to live in your identity is supported…..elsewhere. All we have to say is… 9/11”

    Compelling thesis. C-nts.

  10. apparently been on the facebook page and the ban has been rescinded with an apology and offer of a full refund if anyone wants it.

  11. Carl Rowlands 27 Nov 2012, 8:55pm

    It would be similar to telling an audience at the Rocky Horror Show not to come in costume!

  12. Carl Rowlands 27 Nov 2012, 8:56pm

    It is similar to going to a rocky horror show and being told not to go in costume.

  13. Does the ban on drag also apply to women?

    Is it only skirts and dresses for the laydeez?

    1. Women – take your trousers off.

      Drag is forbidden.

      1. And don’t even think of bringing your fake beards. There will be no stoning here.

  14. Paul in Brighton 27 Nov 2012, 9:26pm

    Of course, they’d never send an email to all passengers as follows:

    Dear Guest,

    We’re aware that some, indeed many of you will have religious beliefs and views, but please be mindful of your fellow passengers who may not share you religious views.

    Therefore, we feel it prudent in an effort to respect all of our passengers that any religious symbols, artifacts etc can not be worn in public.

    We’ll sure you’ll understand that this is in the interests of creating a enjoyable, peaceful atmosphere on board as we’re aware than in many Muslim countries, beheading still takes place, which some of our guest may find distressing.

    And as for Catholics eating the body and blood of Jesus Christ, well let’s just say, keep it in your cabins.

    Enjoy your cruise.

  15. Carnival Cruises has reversed the drag ban.

    1. Dave North 27 Nov 2012, 9:55pm

      Good for them, however not the point.

      Holidays ruined, fun dismissed, and all due to “Corporate Miscommunication”.

      On an expensive booked cruise, if I wish to dress as Pennywise the Clown,
      and being told previously that was its purpose, this crap about “the children”
      clearly belongs in the annals of F OFF.

      1. They did say in their apology that anyone who wanted a refund would get a full one.

        They screwed up, were told that they had screwed up, reversed their position and apologised.

        What else do you want?

        1. Dave North 28 Nov 2012, 9:19am

          For it not to have occurred in the first place.

  16. Wait a minute….

  17. What’s dressing in drag got to do with terrorism? Am I reading this right?

    1. Cardinal Capone 27 Nov 2012, 10:57pm

      It’s a little known fact that they dress as Barbra and Madge to escape.

  18. PeterinSydney 27 Nov 2012, 10:55pm

    Gays should boycott this lot for their continuing homophobia and nastiness.

  19. Funniest story of the week. Fastest back-pedaling of the year.

  20. Have they explained yet what 9/11 had to do with it.

    Is this the new catch all phrase “this post 9/11 world”

  21. Another Hannah 27 Nov 2012, 11:36pm

    What is apparent is the insanity of many homophobics. Trans people do not need to conform to the policy – fine. But people who are going to a drag show (and that means any people!) cannot dress in drag!!!! The fundamentalist and looney right apologists have really tied themselves in knotts with this one! Did they tell their customers this before they sold them tickets? It’s good that they’ve come to their senses and retracted their insanity, but I have to say that if it was me (I’m TS) in the position of these drag fans I don’t think I’d want to know about either the cruise ship company or the tour operators ever again! Talk about ruin the fun!

  22. So no drag. Great, wear leather gear. Wear kilts to celebrate your Celtic ancestry. Women wear trousers, shirts with ties, jackets, lounge suits. Do not dress ‘conventionally’.

  23. What self-respecting gay or trans person would ever book on Carnival?
    Don’t tell me what NOT to wear while I’m on a cruise! Everyone knows how to behave in public. What are they trying to say? DOH!

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