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Malaysia: Islamic political party members to protest against Elton John concert

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Reader comments

  1. Words fail me!

    He is going there to perform, it is not like he is going to start pimping out members of the audience.

  2. “This is one of the measures we intend to check social ills in the country.”

    They obviously don’t have any REAL social ills then? Amazing how a pop concert can take up so much of their time.

    1. Hedonism was the official reason. Actually, Malaysians are bigger fans of Madonna and they didn’t appreciate Elton’s snippy snide asides a few weeks ago about the girl from Bay City, MI.

      I think Elton should show up in a burka eating ful mudammas. But you better not light any more candles in the breaking wind he calls a voice.

  3. Although I would never visit a country with such homophobic laws, I do support people of influence, like pop stars, going there. This will show how ridicules their laws really are.

  4. PN is fast becoming religious bigot watch. Would anyone still deny the link between religion and bigotry?

  5. Yes, aged, multi award winning, establishment pop star with a husband and baby at home singing songs like Made In England and Hakuna Matata is bound to drag the youth of Malaysia into vice. Muslims, keep and eye on that scoundrel. He’s a dangerous influence.

  6. [..]”which the party claims, could have a bad impact on young Malaysians”[..]

    Yes, go on, wrap them in cotton wool, that will make them wonderfully balanced people.

  7. Couldn’t he buy Malaysia?

  8. GingerlyColors 29 Nov 2012, 7:10am

    It would be interesting to know if Sir Elton’s partner, David Furnish has been allowed to accompany him in Malaysia. When Ben Bradshaw visited that country some years ago he had to leave his partner, Neal Dalgleish, at home as the Malaysian authorities would not allow them to visit the country together. It is unfortunate that Malaysia in spite of two fifths of their population being non-Muslims have to obsess themselves with outdated views that are more associated with many Middle-Eastern countries.

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