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EU officials release survey on discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. Juris Lavrikovs 27 Nov 2012, 10:52am

    Dear pinknews, just to alert you that the image you are using is nothing to do with Eurobarometer. The LGBT Survey findings will only be launched next year and its a completely different and unique survey. Eurobarometer study is a regular survey by the EU on various types of discrimination so it might be better to change the image not to confuse the readers.

  2. Juris Lavrikovs 27 Nov 2012, 10:55am

    And the title is also misleading as this is not a survey of LGBT discrimination only but a regular survey on discrimination in the EU which covers various grounds.

    1. It is not even a survey on discrimination. It is a survey into what people perceive the situation is. In reality it is meaningless. As peoples perceptions are often wrong.

      Perecptions in a given country can be massively affected by the media of that country. If the media in Bulgaria never covers these issues then to most people they don’t exist. So what does this survey actually tell us? We don’t actually know what it tells us.

      They should have asked, “do you have a problem with equality for LGBT people” that would have actually told us something.

      It is similar to the survey of CBI members on their perceived state of the economy. Most members are positive. So what? They just might be deluded.

  3. Pam Isherwood 27 Nov 2012, 12:29pm

    Please link articles like this to the original survey so we can follow up for ourselves if we want more information. This is not difficult for a web-only publisher.

  4. It’s here:

    I read most of it over the weekend and it shows that discrimination of all types is rife – yes, I know, bears do…

  5. I’m glad others have identified this as being meaningless. What competent survey could put Sweden and Poland in the same category with regards to (perceived) discrimination?
    Survey: Is your country mean to Gays?
    Old Romanian man: “No.”
    Problem solved.

    1. what are you saying? I think your perception of those countries is wrong probably based on media influence and anti-catholic bias. have you ever heard of 60years of communism imposed in poland? now, was communism in italy , ireland or spain? nope, so what makes people think that all those countries are alike? ask norman davies, probably the best european historian, catholicism in poland is the most liberal of them all , all because of , I hate to say it,…those decads of communism. people are so used to those communist ways that nothing there is as among italians or irish or spaniards…poland is full of contradictions, and rest or europe have lots to learn…

  6. Dimitris T 27 Nov 2012, 7:00pm

    Of course perception of discrimination is different than discrimination itself and acceptance of discrimination, which may mean yes I believe there is discrimination and I an for it.

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