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Brad Pitt: Gay marriage is about equality, opponents should stop linking the argument with drugs laws

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Reader comments

  1. Love you, Brad.

    1. Ditto!!

  2. Another incredible human being! Thank you Brad! Would you like to come over here and tell a few the same thing?

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Nov 2012, 5:47pm

    Amazing that none of our own celebrities speak up enough about equal marriage. They make one statement and that’s it. American celebrities are much more pro-active in the fight for equality. Ours are too apathetic, too laid back to be bothered.

    But thank you Brad, you always come through.

  4. Brad the reason the anti-gay Christians/people link drugs like marijuana and same sex marriage is because they do it knowingly to try and confuse people on the two separate issues and to used it for black propaganda reasons. When these anti-gay people connect drugs with gay marriage they are trying to make gay marriage look bad, because a lot of people connect the use of dope as a bad thing. However the funny thing is a lot of people do not connect it with a bad thing and so it goes in the favor of both. Black Propaganda is saying something bad about someone to make the look bad and try to get people to not have anything to do with them or even do business with them. This is something the CIA uses to destroy their enemies when they use psychological warfare or psy/ops to destroy somebody they do not like or want to destroy. The anti-gay Christians want to destroy the gay movement and stop gay marriage. Some of them most likely work for the CIA or some such group of slim balls.

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