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UKIP Culture Spokesman: Same-sex adoption is ‘child abuse’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 26 Nov 2012, 11:39pm

    *pulls up chair, grabs popcorn*

    Oh, this is getting good :-D

    1. Winston McKenzie is question time fodder!

      1. I would hope that the BBC would not give him and his bigoted views airtime!

        1. Oh no, please do, show the world what a bigoted twisted fool he is.

        2. I hope they do give him air time, then he can dig his own grave like Nick Griffin…. finally UKIP might get laid to rest as the hard-right wingers they are.

          1. I’m not quite so sure about that. A lot of people thought that Nick Griffin came out of that appearance rather well, due to the fact that everyone else – including David Dimbleby, for some bizarre reason – ganged up on him. Griffin and Farage are quite skilfull – they just need exposing to members of the public who will put them on the spot: we don’t want them being given even more opportuniteis to show what “reasonable people” they are!

  2. Well, I guess that attempt by the UKIP to look inclusive backfired.

  3. My last comment had the F word in it (badly spelled) so it didn’t get through. I just wanted to say, Yeah, let’s all listen this f*****g moron.
    Good luck with UKIP, Uncle Tom. You’re a token, dear.

  4. Don’t expect the BBC will report this outrage. Why do we pay a licence fee?

    1. Do we?

  5. Yes because same sex couples ‘raise their children in a 100% same sex environment from birth, while they have sex randomly around the house’.

    That’s what homophobes see in their own perverted little minds. It’s them who are thinking about gay sex all the time.

    Children of same sex couples are raised with role models from both genders, they still have grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins, family friends, neighbours, their own friends, even good teachers are excellent role models for all children.

    That buffoon should be sacked by UKIP if he honestly believes what he’s saying.

    1. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 12:50am

      Very well said Red!!!

  6. Rpbert in S. Kensington 27 Nov 2012, 12:44am

    Notice the silence from C4M, Christian Institute and other hate-mongers of the religious right? Silence definitely gives consent. McKenzie is a breath of fresh air for them. Of course, nobody would ever dare ask them for their input.

    Come on Daily Mail, Telegraph, surely you can ask Colin Hart, Anne Widdecombe and Lord Carey for their opinions? What’s stopping you? Damned cowards!

    1. barriejohn 27 Nov 2012, 1:10am

      The Daily Mail and their fellow-travellers are in a real quandary over UKIP. See my comment below!

    2. They’re all still having a hangover, after celebrating his coming out of the bigot closet.
      Give it time, he’ll be getting a medal soon.

  7. mickie_newton 27 Nov 2012, 12:48am

    “‘I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don’t worry about it’ – that is abuse. It is a violation of a child’s human rights because that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstances.”

    And growing up in a single parent family is normal or in a family where the mother is being beaten by her husband is ok! But being brought up by two loving people isn’t Don’t bloody talk stupid you ignorant fool!!!

    You should learn something about your own past because there was a time when people said YOU couldn’t adopt a white child!!! And THAT wasn’t too long ago!!

  8. Guess who’s been defending these people in her column? (Hint: Sounds a bit like “Meal Tickets”)–multicultural-thought-police.html

    Well, at least she says that it “sounds just too idiotic and outrageous to be true”!

    1. barriejohn 27 Nov 2012, 1:07am

      PS Just take a look at some of the comments!

      1. Here are two very recent examples::

        “Gays can adopt kids ! Time we marched to LONDON and sorted this and all the other mess out !!”

        “And yet there was not a word of protest when a christian couple were turned down the opportunity to foster because they believe that homosexuality is wrong. When is Melanie and our MPs going to stand up for the christians of this country.”

        “Not a word of protest”: can you believe that? Phillips went totally berserk!

  9. A black man who’s people most likely came from slavery, yet he is against LGBT people having the freedom to get married and adopt children.

    1. GulliverUK 27 Nov 2012, 1:53am

      And fascinated to know why is any black person is re-tweeting something written by a supporter of the UK’s white supremacist party !!!!!!

      (and no, I didn’t mean UKIP this time, I meant when he re-tweeted the stuff from the National Front !)

  10. GulliverUK 27 Nov 2012, 1:32am

    ^^ that’s from 6th November when it appears homophobic tweets appeared on his twitter account – then he was claiming he didn’t know how they got there, but it appears from all of this that it was perfectly legit, and right on the mark.

    And what’s this about the pub he ran which was closed down … FOREVER … by the police with 25 arrests.

    If you vote for UKIP, this is what you get, people who will deny your right to be equal, and who will want to take away your right to adopt/foster, and possibly take away children you already have. UKIP == GOP.

  11. Turkey voting for Christmas.

  12. GulliverUK 27 Nov 2012, 2:10am

    One UKIP blogger is furious with him, especially as it could now give some rationale to the Rotherham incident recently. Personally, I believe, Christian or not, UKIP supporter or not, or whatever you are, or whom you support, your views about a set of key criteria, which might affect a child’s happiness, growth and development, and success, are what matters. Those UKIP supporters might have been great foster parents, or highly detrimental and a very poor placement decision. Only time will tell. But if UKIP supporters all felt like Winston then clearly that is a danger for a child’s development, and the state, in this case, is responsible for ensuring placements where a child’s welfare is put first. What if they placed a child with Winston who realised they were gay? Winston’s views would be exceptionally detrimental to the child. He would not be a fit foster parent or adopter.

    1. wonkotsane 27 Nov 2012, 7:07am

      I’m the UKIP blogger you’re referring to. I’m furious with him because he’s wrong and because most UKIP members and supporters will agree that he’s wrong. The most important thing is the well-being of the child and if it’s a choice between putting a child in a home with gay adoptive parents or putting them in an institution with no parents, who in their right mind would opt for the latter? Pink Times has an agenda against UKIP which became evident when they ran a story about a UKIP member who burned a Brian Paddick leaflet because he was a homophobe and when they were told that the person in question wasn’t a UKIP member, burned the leaflet because it was a Lib Dem leaflet and was himself gay they refused to correct it leaving their readers with the mistaken assumption that UKIP is full of homophobes. It would be a lie to say that there are no homophobes in UKIP because clearly there are, just like any other party but is UKIP homophobic? No.The party supports gay marriage and adoption.

      1. “…it is entirely inappropriate for him to make such comments during an election campaign…” <—-This is from the blog

        When would it be an appropriate time to make the comments? After UKIP is elected and we can't do funck-all about it??

        The party couldn't possibly support gay marriage and adoption simply because otherwise it'd be toast among its electorate.

      2. All the information that I have read is that UKIP do not support equal marriage! Many members who I have seen on TV have attested to that. Unless you can show me a link to where it clearly states that UKIP do, in-fact support equal marriage 100%

      3. UKIP don’t support equal marriage;
        UKIP members can clearly be quite homophobic, certainly bigoted, and most of those that have commented clearly are against people who are gay, period, let alone adoption;

        That decision in Rotherham is looking less and less outrageous.and clearly we need to know just what sort of views these UKIP members held, and whether the children were in danger. Afterall, ultimately, these are now their children, the state remains fully legally responsibility for their welfare.

        1. “now their children” should be “not their children”.

        2. I think this is a sensible policy but based on my belief that religious marriage ceremonies should have no legal status at all.
          All couples wishing to marry whether same sex or not should go through a civil process

  13. Carl Rowlands 27 Nov 2012, 4:00am

    He seems to give particular emphasis to guys kissing. This gives the whole game away! This is his secret desire! I seem to remember that Nick Girffin made similar comments that he found the idea of two men kissing a little creepy. I call it deflection, good old fashioned deflection.

  14. monkey for sale 27 Nov 2012, 4:38am

    I don’t want this bloody foreigner attempting to relegate my status to that of a second-class citizen.
    This Jamaican can go home.
    Tired of blacks and muslims importing their backwards attitudes.

  15. monkey for sale 27 Nov 2012, 5:11am

    We don’t need Jamaicans in the UK who want to discriminate against us. He should shut his foreign face or go home.

    1. I agree entirely. As a former BNP supporter (but stil a nationalist) I
      am getting increasingly sick and tired of intolerant foreigners abusing British people.

      1. monkey for sale 27 Nov 2012, 6:36pm


        Thanks for the reply, I agree with you .
        Time and again we read about intolerant foreigners , and the worst part is that so-called liberals side with them for fear of being accused of racism .
        There seems to be a hierarchy with non-whites and muslims sharing the top spot and us queers bumping about somewhere on the bottom of the list .
        So-called liberals are fair-weathered friends when it comes to supporting gays .

    2. How can a foreigner be this way towards the people who are actually a real part of the country. I agree with you fully

  16. GingerlyColors 27 Nov 2012, 6:46am

    In the wake of the Rotherham foster parenting affair, UKIP are not helping their case if they fail to discipline Winston McKenzie for his outdated comments.
    How would Jamaican born Mr. McKenzie feel if UKIP was a racist party that barred people like him from membership. It is okay for him to be included but it also seems okay for him to exclude other people.
    UKIP are supposed to be a democratic party who wants what most people in this country want and that is out of the EU, but they should also respect the majority view when it comes to same-sex marriage and drop their opposition to it. Michael Farange will do well to weed out the mavericks and I am sure that UKIP will become a viable ‘third party’ in British politics.

  17. He just keeps digging himself in deeper.

    I do worry though that the people of Croydon North will vote for him though.

    1. They will…Thornton Heath, and all that jazz. Used to live there years ago.

  18. Has that man ever looked in a mirror. Cause if he had truly saw himself, he would never have such beliefs to deny other people equality and just rights.

  19. “Culture Spokesperson”?

    Presumably they are talking about the cultures found in petri dishes in the lab?

    1. Funnier than “Sir Les Patterson”.

  20. Gay adoption is against his Christian beliefs.
    Of course. His beliefs have no reasonable or empirical basis.

    1. … except that there are no such “Christian beliefs” … unless I’ve misread something somewhere.

      Besides, 1 Timothy is the book those against women Bishops cite in support of their case, and at casual glance it basically tells women they should have no authority over men, and to shut up in church matters, and in church. Why would St Paul write such a thing, which is actually contradictory to what he wrote elsewhere, that women should have a full and equal part in the church? We think of Paul as a bigoted arse, but in fact of the 13 books in the New Testament attributed to Paul, we know that he almost certainly (nothing in the Bible can ever be “certain”) wrote 7, and we know of 3 he just did not write, no way, including 1 Timothy, and 3 they’re still arguing over. None of the 4 disciples wrote any of the 4 Gospels, and there were about 50 actual Gospels, not the 4 chosen. And many modern English-language translations differ from each other.

      1. Your post does not actually contradict mine.
        He is appealing to an arbitrary authority to support a bigoted belief.

        1. Riondo, wasn’t contradicting you, sorry if you got that impression, I was just expanding on your well-made point :)

          But adding where in the Christian faith does it say people who are gay should not raise children. Answer: it doesn’t.

  21. Philip Rose 27 Nov 2012, 10:27am

    As a UKIP member I believe any long term, loving ‘family’ situation is suitable for children. Of course some of the worst abusers are heterosexual natural parents. You will find that UKIP policy is sensible and supports individuals and not ‘interest groups’ of any hue. I think all religion is bunk but I can still respect and support some religious folks! Big picture please.

  22. Ex-boxer explains a lot, his brains are likely reduced to mush from all the knocks.

    1. Damn you Pavlos – beat me to it :D
      I watched a video of him and he did seem punch drunk.
      He’s all over the place.

      First he acknowledges people who are gay are born that way, then says they will MAKE children gay. Either your sexuality is predominantly biologically driven, and there is more than sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that, or you can make kids gay just by playing Kylie records 24×7 !!!!

      How is it that kids grow up to realise they are gay whether they’re born to liberal hippie lefties, right-wing bigot devout Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., in every corner of the planet, in every social strata, in every walk of life, male and female, black and white, and every other hue.

      Even your handedness develops in the womb and can be seen by ultrasound, and other female family members, where there is a member of the family who is gay, usually have higher fertility rates than the norm. Biological factors. Scientific fact.

  23. Spirit Leveller 27 Nov 2012, 11:08am

    He also stood as an independent in the 2008 London Mayoral Election…


    1. That There Other David 27 Nov 2012, 11:37am

      What party on that occasion? Ulster Communist Tory Plaid Cymru Green?

      I hope he loses his deposit.

  24. This guy is looking to get elected to parliament at any cost! He has no fixed political views, he has flip flopped from The Tories to Labour to the Lib Dems and now to UKIP. What does that say about him. Lets hope he is as successful as he was when auditioning for the X factor!

    1. barriejohn 27 Nov 2012, 1:09pm

      It just shows how desperate UKIP are to get someone – anyone, even – to stand for them. They’re nowhere near as popular as they make out.

      1. Just because a narrow-minded person like him has said this should not discourage people from voting for UKIP. Their policies are clear in black and white but people don’t read them they prefer instead to believe biased journalism. This is not the issue – the issue is that the people of this nation should govern themselves and not leave it to Labour or Tory year after year – or the EU for that matter …… what right do the EU have in making our laws?

        1. That There Other David 27 Nov 2012, 3:06pm

          We participate in EU elections. If you discount the right of the European Parliament to make laws for us when we vote them in why not also extrapolate that to negate the authority of Westminster and keep on going right down to the levels of parish councils? After all, the majority of representatives that make up those bodies “aren’t from round here” either. The only difference is where you choose to set the boundary.

  25. Winston McKensie “Culture spokesman”. That’s hilarious. Better than Sir Les Patterson and the Court of St James.

  26. Garry Cassell 27 Nov 2012, 5:04pm

    Who would be so stupid to vote for a twit like this guy….You are a spokesperson for hatred and biggoted trash…get a F****** life…moron..

  27. Good god – don’t you know it! That was all you needed, a snarly booger who, if I’m reading correctly has even rubbed up against the Tories. He’s had too many rounds in the ring, man!

  28. Been to croydon too often to want to forget, and i feel this evil, anti human rights ,bigot could actually do quite well in a location like croydon north.
    I also support Rotherham councils decision to remove children from ukip members “recruitment” ,foster care as a party/people that purport hate is not suitable for any child.

  29. monkey for sale 28 Nov 2012, 12:11am

    Not Conducive To The Public Good.

    This foreign rubbish should be deported

  30. People have such short memories, don’t they, especially those from minorities? It’s not that long ago that Mr. McKenzie would have been barred from marrying a white woman. Presumably, Mr. McKenzie would also be against black people adopting white children? Bigotry is not confined to the National Front then …

    1. monkey for sale 29 Nov 2012, 9:06am

      Why so so-called liberals defend and support this foreign rubbish ?

  31. Blotvinnick 3 Dec 2012, 11:27pm

    Not one person here has given any thought at all to the needs or best interests of the children. You bang on about your “rights” in a totally selfish way. You keep on repeating the comparison between being black and being homosexual which is utter nonsense.

  32. And you want this type of man to run ANYTHING?? Pfft. More fool you WORLD.

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